Social media on iOS 7

The new iOS 7 update.

We are now using the new iOS 7 update if you have gone through the software update.

Some tips to help you on your way if you still are waiting to update.

1. Connect your device to the power supply as it will drain your battery if you do it free standing.

2. Make sure you are using Wifi when downloading the new iOS 7 software. It can take between 45mins to an hour and it won’t work sufficiently if you don’t use Wifi. This is a big change to your apple device so it needs time. Your device cannot be used during it so do it when you don’t need it for that length of time.

3. Once ready, the look of it has really changed so start to play around with your apps, plenty of updates to them so you need the time to see what has changed in the new iOS 7 update.

New control centre has been introduced and this is worth looking at. Closing opened “Apps” has also changed, the function is swipe rather than tapping on the cross.

If you are struggling with the new update and just want some tips to help navigate around the new upgrade then please get in touch.

I can help you understand it and show you how it all works. Social Media on iOS 7 will be simpler to understand once you have learnt how it all works. 

If you need advise on how to use your devices please contact us. Training given on iPads , iPhones and other tablets. 


Twitter as a Aid

Using Twitter used as an Aid.

Earlier in the year, the town of Petworth was held up due to bad weather conditions and because of poor phone signal in the town, many drivers used Social media to get them moving around the area and also to help find what would be the best routes to use in order to get home safely.

How this happened.

Hearing via twitter that many drivers are stuck on major and minor routes between Guildford to Chichester, caused many tweeters to ask local radio stations about updates. Reports of updates were coming out but because of the extreme volume of requests it was hard to respond to each request.

Scrolling through twitter and seeing people asking for help kicked started off virtual help to drivers, whether they were stranded and told were they could go too that was safe or to give road updates to drivers to find the best route to get them home.

Residents in Petworth came out with hot teas and toast to keep people motivated and warm and giving updated information that was coming through via twitter.

Twitter certainly proved to be the best possible social media tool to help people out in a crisis situation. Many new twitter relationships were made and plenty of thanks to all who took it upon themselves to bring drivers home safely.  A minute-by-minute tweet really did help.

I reckon that if this sort of weather impacts our town and area again, twitter as a aid will be the first mode of communication between people. More users are on it and see it for all the great functions Twitter has. Beyond using it for Business it can help assist in crisis situations.

If you want to learn more about Twitter and how it can be used for your business then please contact me and I can give you 1-2-1 lessons at great rates to get you started. 


Twitter for Garden Centre

Twitter for Garden Centre customers.

Engaging with Customers.

In the past couple of years I had been working and aiding a well know garden Centre chain near Chichester about how to use social media to enhance their business needs.

Selecting Twitter as the chosen social media tool, the mission was to get the customers of the Garden Centre to engage with Twitter, using QR codes around the shop and outside area helped people to connect with the Garden Centre website, beyond this though the Centre wanted to attract various levels of cliental to use their services.

Twitter Broadcasting.

Targeting parent groups, landscapers, and Charity organisers, events people allowed us to showcase the Garden Centre as a place to be at anytime of the day.

Having parents groups meeting up using the café, as a place to dine and chat with others became a central hub for many parents.

For Landscapers it allowed them to see what is on offer at the moment, or about new product lines. Turf became a popular twitter feed for people as many were wanting it, but found it was sold out when they got to a place, this way the Centre was able to hold turf rolls for customers based on their request via twitter.

When having events in-store or after hours again allowed the Centre to broadcast the event along with an image to a greater audience, rather than not using social media.

The in-house talks have always proved to be popular because of the speaker or the content of the talk, though with a little extra push using Twitter the Centre was able to gain more customers to the talk.

As each season comes and goes, social media plays an active role when trying to gain customers through the door of the Centre.

Twitter Content for Customers.

In the winter informing customers about the need of Bird Food, Hedging and Rock Salt is important, as these are items people rely on beyond what they can do in the garden.

Spring is when the garden blooms, offers on all the containers plants, compost and how it all works together is great information for customers.

Summer is when you can work on cleaning up your hard landscaped surfaces, support systems for climbers, water butts and possibly treat your family to new garden furniture and enjoy BBQ season with the various types of grills on offer.

Autumn is when you can plant your fruit trees, hedging, autumn/winter containers. This allows the customer to enjoy the last few months of the garden before the winter and offers would certainly draw people in.

All of this information can be put out in 140 characters with or without an image and bring customers to your Centre.

Social media training can be applied to any type of business, knowing what you do best and then using Social Media can only enhance it even further.

For training in small groups or 1-2-1 please contact me.



Social Media taking over Petworth

Social Media taking over Petworth

Petworth businesses embracing Social Media.

In a recent local newspaper article, the headline said “Petworth is taking social media and Twitter by storm”. article in the Midhurst Petworth Observer 17th Aug 2013. 

Many businesses in the town were interviewed including myself on how they are using Social Media for their business and also how #Petworthhour is working for them.

#Petworthhour is Virtual Networking.

As the founder of Petworthhour I see it as a way too virtual network with people in and around the area and that you might not necessarily know about or probably might not even meet because of the nature of work you are in. Petworthhour is certainly changing this format of communication between everyone.

Each week as it grows its virtual network I am seeing plenty of craft and creative businesses that want to showcase what they do to the Petworthhour audience. During 8-9pm on Tuesday I not only see what people share on Petworthhour but also on other ‘hours’ that are coming in to play, with Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and even Chickenhour running around 8-9pm it is capturing a wide networking reach.

This is allowing people to connect with whomever they feel they can do business with or might need their services and then set up their own meeting offline.


Is virtual networking taking over – Some might say yes and that the physical meeting is dying out. I believe its an even split, virtual networking only works so far, as it can only capture your audience in 140 character that Twitter allows. Even if you send out multiple messages to target your audience and hope you can make a deal at the end of it the physical meeting is much nicer if you enjoy these sorts of events. It allows you to sell your business beyond 140 characters and also meet people in the flesh.

Having built a relationship up via twitter or any kind of social media will ultimately draw you to wanting to meet the person behind the business. The ice has been broken so the nervous first meeting should not be there.

The momentum of Petworthhour is growing now into its 4 month, I encourage and invite anyone near or far to take part and share what they do, offer and provide. We are one of only a few towns that have set up a ‘town based hour’ so if we can be in line with Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire that would be really fantastic and the only way to achieve this is through more business joining in each Tuesday night at 8pm.

Embracing Social media for your business is a positive aspect, without it you will not be able to make your connections go further, email and word of mouth only go so far, though at some point social media will be needed, so get on it sooner rather than later.

If you need help with setting up a Twitter account so that you can join in then please contact me and I can help you with this. Follow me on @HRDSocialMedia