Using Social Media to Promote Events

The power of social media is proving well in the town of Petworth, through Twitter and Facebook businesses have come together to promote events that are being held by the town or by the individual businesses.

Latest Event in Petworth

In the next few weeks Petworth is holding its second Petworth Food and Wine Festival, the popularity of it from last year has proved that it certainly works for the town.

This year the town has been able to broadcast to craft makers and potential stall holders through social media. Using twitter over #Petworthhour allowed the organisers to seek out who could benefit from the food and wine festival.

Inviting Businesses

Posting a tweet about wanting to join the festival allowed many people to decided if they wanted to join in or not but also to ask others who could take the spot if they couldn’t attend. This level of broadcasting helped to collect stallholder’s quiet quickly to fill the space in the Leconfield Hall, situated in the heart of Petworth.

Promoting the Event.

The hash tag #Petworthfoodandwine is being used too help promote the event to all who follow Petworth Biz on twitter, beyond this account plenty of businesses in Petworth including myself have been promoting the event to encourage as many people to come into our town and enjoy the weekend.

The Petworth Food and Wine festival is on over the weekend of 21st-22nd Sept.

Look out for plenty of social media promotion from the organisers, businesses in Petworth and also the stallholders. 

Combination of Petworthhour and my training given to many of the Petworth businesses, using social media is certainly proving well in order to promote this event.

If we can get as many businesses as possible over the weekend to tweet about how the Petworth Food and Wine Festival is going, we can have a great outreach to many Twitter accounts seeking the event out.

Training Help.

If you are someone who needs help/advise before this event on how best to promote your stall to everyone and also over the weekend, please contact me and we can have a short training session which will allow you to capture everything in an instant. Twitter for your business.

Smart Phones.

The best way to promote yourself over the weekend is using a smartphone or tablet, its quick and easy and will save you plenty of time. If this is something you need training on please contact me and we can run through how you can achieve this. Handheld Devices Training.

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