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Using Social Media to promote your business

The day has come when businesses are actively promoting their own business and events around the town that will impact their business today and hopefully for the future.

Saturday 7th December is also Small Business Saturday UK, showing support to all those small businesses up and down the country.

Here today in Petworth we are expecting a large number of people to visit the town and show their support to all our small independent retailers. We will be having christmas carols, late night shopping, father christmas grotto and the all important Christmas lights switch on. The town will be alive and thriving.

Many residents are aware of this event today, through the large number of signs around the town and posters in shop windows, but the biggest way to broadcast the Petworth town christmas lights switch on, has to be through Social media, we are all tweeting, posting, connecting to each other around the town to help boost the presences of the Petworth to everyone who could and would like to visit Petworth at some point today.  

Using the Hashtags, #Petworthlights and #Latenightshopping is working well. Encouraging businesses to use these two hashtags allows us to see how far the tweets are reaching and it give us some way of knowing who is interacting with Twitter. Between Dec 3rd and Dec 7th morning we are reaching over 10K accounts. #Latenightshopping has a much broader reach due to the key word that it is, but we are noticing tweets with many of the Petworth businesses. 

Social media is always going to have positives and negatives, but when you can use it to boost your town presences and ultimately draw crowds to you, it is surely a positive. Using your social media accounts to promote your business is something I can train you in,  or  I can manage this for you.

Social Media Sussex offers social media training and social media managed services which will help your business grow and reach new audiences.

Call me on 01798 342188 or fill out my enquiry form.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

All year is a busy time of the year for any business and your aim is to make as many sales as possible, getting customers through that shop door. It is also a time of year that people do go out of there way to buy that something special for their loved one. I couldn’t think of a better present than having someone show me something that would enhance my skill sets and improve my knowledge all at the same time. 

Social media for your business isn’t something you pick up for a while and put back down again when things get busy or when you get stuck, instead it should become a daily routine for you in promoting your business. 

Social Media Training

Training with me will help you organise what type of social media platform can suit your business needs, it maybe you need all of them, from Twitter too LinkedIn and beyond, or we can start with one and get it mastered before moving and understanding the next platform. 

It is vital that you keep on top of what you are posting and tweeting about, telling people all about your business that you couldn’t possible reach from just being at your desk. 

We go through a step by step guide on how each platform works and what the benefits are from each social media platform. 

It is easy to say that its not for you and its a fad, but social media is here to stay and will get more and more intense as platforms progress. 

What you may think is a silly question and worried about asking it, isn’t a problem for me, I want to advise and help you so that you don’t run into problems with your social media or even your device that you use to run your platforms from. 

My approach is friendly and my mission is simple. ‘Don’t get left behind with SOCIAL MEDIA’ its a tool you cannot do without for your business.

So whether its a Christmas present or any other special occasion for you, why not ask for Social media training. Gift for life!.

We provide social media training for 1-2-1 or small groups and we also offer outsourced services or social media management services, so call 01798 342188 or fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.