Business Reviews during Lockdown!

As most of us are stuck indoors probably thinking what could we do next, well why not give that shop you always love to visit or the place you get your coffee from or your favourite place to visit as review. A lot of businesses are considering what do to next, whilst big shops area open and amazon is making a ton of money, all our independent shops are closed and thinking what to do next. Many are using social media to sell their products or updating their websites to e-commerce, whatever they are doing its so that they can survive and get through the next few days, weeks, months.

Lets do our part, pick up your phone or jump on your PC and find your 5 to 10 places and write something special about them, add a photo too, it doesn’t matter that it was ages ago or just before lockdown 1 or 2, its all about letting them know how amazing they were for you.

Give them hope, which can lift spirits and then you can go and see them when they reopen.

The various ways you can give a review is via: –

1. Website

2. Facebook Review

3. Google Review

4. Leave positive messages on social media. 

This is a time when we can all help each other. Everyone is always too embarrassed to ask, but not anymore. Find your favourite places and give them a review today!