LinkedIn for Professionals.

LinkedIn for professionals is a excellent Social Media tool that has been around since 2003. The functionality allows employees to connect with employers and also potential other clients from previous working experience.

What is LinkedIn and who uses it.?

People who are in a professional occupations use LinkedIn to find connections in the similar field of business to them and also to connect with companies who also use LinkedIn for Business.

LinkedIn reports that more than 259 million users in more than 200 countries and territories and it continues to grow at a rapid rate. This particular social media platform allows you to be more business like with your customers and potential business connections that you would like to make. 

LinkedIn Personal Profile Page and Company Page.

How to use each page for your company and personal needs.

Creating a personal page allows you to built up your contacts, very similar to your friends connection on Facebook, the difference on LinkedIn is that you will be seeking out more professionals in your field and beyond, to ultimatley make that business connection. It will also allow you to provide details of your working history for everyone to see and from here to get endorsoments and recommendations that can be viewed by people who link with you.

For creating a company page, you must have a set amount of connections before you can create a business LinkedIn company page. This would be great page for a business to showcase what they offer, do in business, job postings, constant updating is required to make professional wanting to connect with your page.

LinkedIn for Professionals

5 Reason why you should use LinkedIn

Connecting with Groups, Organisations, Companies – This allows you to find out what is currently happening in your field.

Networking – Find out about suppliers and advisers who you may do business with.

Attracting visitors to your website – Use your contact information to publish links to your website.

Great recruitment tool – Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find potential candidates or advertise in the Jobs section.

Keeping in touch – Connect with ex-colleagues, clients and contacts to build your network.

Build your network into a LinkedIn Company Page.

A LinkedIn company pages enable you to update status post, keep on top of your followers, build up product/service recommendations, and promote career opportunities through your Page.

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