Harsha, The Social Media Adviser.

Getting into Social Media

About Us - Social Media AdviserI started using social media when it first transpired, it was a way of getting in touch with people from your past that you may have lost touch with and wanted to be in  touch again with them.

A variety social media platforms reached us first, from Friendster to MySpace, soon to be followed up by Facebook which lead the path of social media and still does today!

It soon become apparent that social media could be a transformation towards business marketing, now not only can you use social media for fun but for now helping you to boost and broadcast your business to anyone anywhere.

Social Media User

Having been a social media user now for a number of years and seeing the benefits it can bring to businesses.

A change of career lead me to become a social media adviser, understanding social media initially for my own learning experiences through creating business pages, feeds and boards, it seemed natural to apply my knowledge to other businesses.

I started Petworthhour in May 2013, as a way of communicating with all the businesses around the area, which has proven to be successful each and every week. To join us follow @Petworthhr using the hashtag #Petworthhour. The virtual networking hour is on every Tuesday evenings between 8-9pm.

Training Advice

There are so many different types of social media platforms to use, that I go through each one and explain how they work and their benefits to your business.

Some clients prefer certain ones over the others, which is a good starting off point as you would have some knowledge of this particular social media platform.

It is ideal that you learn one social media platform comfortably before moving onto the next one. We would work out the best platform for you and your business needs, with the aim to develop from there.

Not only will you learn how to use social media on your PC or Laptop but I will guide you on how to use it with ‘Apps’ on your smart phone or tablets, this is so that you can capture what you need and to do in an instant rather than having to wait until you sit at your PC or Laptop. ‘Be Instant capturing that moment’ 

Social media is taking over, it would be a shame to be left behind or to even ignore it, huge success can come out it and it is key that you learn how to use it. It can only benefit your and your business.

New and previous platforms are constantly changing the way people do business so let me help you keep up with the changes.

In order for your social media to work well for you, it is vital that an excellent website works alongside it. I have some experience with understanding how websites work and I can tweak the website to incorporate social media.

If you are using a WordPress website, this is something I am more familiar with and can help with aspects on how to use it better in conjunction with social media.

Find out more about the various social media platforms, I can train you on.

Social Media Adviser

Harsha Desai Social Media Adviser offers you – Training, Set Up & Branding and Customisation to help you get the most out of your Facebook Business Page, Twitter Profile, Pinterest Boards, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media platforms.

About Us - Social Media Adviser

Learn about your devices and how to use them for your social media needs.

Creating a social media framework that works around your business.

My role as your social media adviser is to guide and help you understand and all of the platforms for your business. 1-2-1 training continually will help you to succeed.

Contact Harsha Desai Social Media Adviser on info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk

Social Media Secretary For Petworth Business Association.

In addition to my main business as a social media adviser, I additional work too help build the profile of all the business who are members of the Petworth Business Association. My role is to brand and highlight our beatuiful market town too visitors all over, using social media platforms and our website Discover Petworth.

Visiting Discover Petworth Website, you will see the many Independent Retailers, Antiques Shop and Places to Eat and Drink, in addition we also have plenty of businesses in the directory who also add great value to the town. We have a wonderful mix of businesses and want to encourage more businesses who come under the parish to gain to join us.

My Profile Page on Discover Petworth.