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Smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC, etc.

I find that before you even approach the world of social media I get asked about how to use my personal devices or even how to navigate around the Internet. I want to teach and advise you on what is now being called learning ‘Modern Technology’ and too get you up to speed.

In the past I have restored iPhones and helped people with virus protection, downloaded applications and ‘apps’ on their PC’s, Tablets and Phones, these are some of the few tasks which I’m happy to help you with if it means it gets you going on towards learning social media for your business.

Most people today have more than just a computer/laptop to access the Internet. I can help you use and understand your smart phones and tablets, which are know as personal devices to access your pages/feeds either through the Internet but also through your ‘Apps’. Using your personal devices actively and capturing what you want to say at that minute and not having to wait till you sit at a PC.

I am a Mac user now so I understand how well they work in order to get many tasks achieved. They all work together if you have an iPad and/or iPhone and I can help with anything in regards using these devices. Downloading couldn’t be any simpler.

Handheld Devices

Buying your Apple Products.

I have been noticing that more and more customers of mine are showing me there new apple product wanting to understand how it all works which is what I can certainly help with. I do however fail to understand how people leave shops with little to no knowledge on the fact that it is vitally important to connect your device to a laptop or PC in regards to iTunes.

It is not necessary to connect to iTunes but there are many restrictions in not doing this, starting off with updates, downloading ‘Apps to name a few. When having your device you can certainly create a Apple account via the device, though it is ultimately better to do it via a PC or laptop.

This is a common occurrence that I am noticing and will certainly guide you in figuring out how to tackle each stage so that you can use your Apple device properly and effectively. Find our more about how to use your ‘Apple’ device.

apple devices

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