Google Plus Business

Google+ is one of the most powerful social media platforms used today. Having both a personal and google+ business pages are useful to any type of business. The work that you put into this particular account will certainly show up in google over a short period of time.

Why use Google+

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ Business offers you the opportunity to create a business page to promote your business, organization or a specific product you have in mind. The Google Plus community is growing in numbers and you can take advantage of a Google Plus page to get your business to a wider audience. Google+ Pages was launched on November 7, 2011 to all users, which allows businesses to connect with fans.

5 Reason why you should Google+ Business

1. Integration with other Google services

GMail, Google Docs, Calendars, Contacts –  Using a gmail account or any another in conjunction with your google account can help organise how you use your google account. Document files can be created in Google Drive which can be shared with anyone you choose to share them with. 

2. Creating your own customised circles

Networking, Friends, Family, Business Clients – The ability to group your contacts into certain circles allows you to share content with specific circles. This way you can target your post to key circles, which might be a useful aspect when using your Google+ business account. 

3. Browser integration – Chrome.

An option to use google’s own browser.

4. Adding/Removing people to circles without having ‘Friends Request’

Your connections will be populated through various ways and you are able to select if you wish to add them into your circles. 

5. Ranking your business page in Google – Main online search engine.

As everyone ‘Google’s it’, make that when your business is being googled that you rank up there. 

Google Plus is a social networking owned by Google Inc. It have surpassed Twitter earlier in 2013. With 500 million registered users, Google plus has been described as the ‘social layer’ that enhances many of its online properties, unlike other social network which are generally accessed through a single website. Two main strengths of Google+’s social site are photography and its “Hangout” feature. An update in October 2013 focuses on these areas. Google+ has 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week.

 Training on Google+ Business

Setting up of personal and business profile pages.

Learn about the capabilities Google+ Business has to offer.

Understanding the various layers of Google+ Business.

Understand the importance of Google+

Understand how to use Google+.

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