Using Instagram

Instagram was launch in October 2010. This new social media platform has gained popularity with over 100 million active users since April 2012.

Instagram is an online mobile photo or video sharing social media platform that enables the users to take images or videos and then to share them on a variety of other social media platforms. – such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.


How to use Instagram.

The best way to use Instagram is through your mobile device. Although it is possible to use your desktop, but it just doesn’t have the instant impact that a mobile device has.

The features on Instagram allows you too have amazing images in your photo collection. The platform has different filters that can change your original image to an enhanced new image type.

This is what is very popular with many users as it is allowing you to become far more creative through the ease of your handheld device.

Hashtags are a way of using this social media platform, as it works alongside Twitter and has it’s owe unique way of trending.

Instagram came up with key hashtags and attributes such as ThrowbackThrusday, #TBT and Selfies.

ThrowbackThursday #TBT allows the user to share an image from the past and put it out there using the hashtag.

Selfies are also popular as users can take there own image and post using hashtag if wished.

It is a visual based social media platform and beyond it use as a fun way to express your photographic skills it can also be used for your business.

We are always keen to see images associated with posts and tweets, so using Instagram to promote/grow your business would also work.

Share stock photos, ideas, interests related to your business and broadcast them using Instagram and sharing it via other social media platforms.

The explore tool on Instagram allows you to find other users and also popular hashtags. You can tag people into your composed message to grow how it circulates around.

To learn how to use Instagram please contact me for some training, we can go through on how to open and create your account to then filling out all the content for your profile page before we start to use it. I can show you how to use the tools Instagram carry so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this new popular social media platform.

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