Reasons to use Pinterest Boards for your Business

How do I use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is an online pinboard, a visual take on the social bookmarking site.

Content shared on boards is driven entirely by visuals. In fact, you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image or video is involved.

Pinterest has its own lingo terms.

  1. When you share something on Pinterest, each bookmark is called a pin.
  2. When you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin.
  3. You group pins together by topic onto various boards or pinboards in your profile. Each board mimics a real-life pin board.

What is Pinterest?

You can share images and videos you find online, or you can directly upload images and videos onto Pinterest Boards that are yours. You can also share your pins on social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook.

You Can Create Highly Targeted Marketing Opportunities.

The ability to express yourself artistically, visually and creatively.

Creating your Pinterest Boards is to target your audience, which allows you to create an highly targeted marketing opportunity while making a strong statement.

Pin photos and videos you know that your potential clients or customers would most like to see and could benefit from.

Share content.

Creating boards for you is highlighting what your business has to offer to your clients, create the boards specifically for your businesses into product sections to market to various different audiences as this would increase traffic to your Pinterest page.

This allows others to see how diverse your product range is and also how you or your competitors are creating boards.

Being Creative.

Create boards that show your range and also your interests. People can follow all of your boards or just the ones they prefer, be dynamic when creating the boards so that you get all your boards followed rather than the specific few.

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