Social Media Tools for your Business

Get expert advise on how to use social media for your business


Facebook is commonly used to connect to friends and family, beyond this you can create a business page to showcase your business to others in your field, new customers and clients. Show others what you do, offer and provide in a page that works well for you. The ability to add images and text is limitless. Plenty of scope to be learnt from having the best Facebook page for you. Learn more about Facebook.


Twitter is fast growing to be the best and the quickest way to capture something in an instant. Learn how this can be applied to your business. The connection to another business is done in the short amount of characters you have when using twitter. Its quick, fast and instant, no need to wait to tell someone what you are doing in your business. Follow me on Twitter @HRDSocialMedia


Google+ is starting to appear in the UK as the next Social Media tool to use for your business, the capabilities of having a Google+ will prove to be great. It allows you to write in Twitter language and have the abilities that of a Facebook Business page, beyond this you can use it for syncing calendars, creating group circles, backing up information and more. It is truly endless on what Google+ offers and is something worth considering for your business.  Connect with me on Google+


Pinterest is a Social Media tool which allows you to express a creative side of your business. It is purely a visual tool, which ables you to collect images that inspire you or you feel you want to share with others about your business. Create various boards using your images and then find other images that you would like to show on your board. Connect with me on Pinterest 


LinkedIn is a great social media tool if you want to have a professional approach to you business, plenty of companies and organisation join LinkedIn to find others who may find what they do interesting and want to connect with them even further. Use it like a online CV, share your professional history and qualification to others. You are able to have both and personal and business page not to similar to both Facebook and Google+. Connect with me on LinkedIn


Instagram is fast becoming the social media tool to use to show off your images and video with the ability to enhance your images and videos, it is a visual platform that allows you to capture anything your like and share it across other well established social media platforms. Follow me on Instagram

Beyond these main Social Media Tools, we have Youtube, Foursquare Tumblr and more. All of these I am able to train/advice you for your business needs. email me on or go to the contact us page.