Using Apple Products

Apple products have been around for nearly 40 years, though it’s more recently that they have captured most people with there ability to create an all in one device.

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The Various Devices

iPod – A device that can allow you to hold all your music. I can help you understand how to place all your music on to the device, connecting it up to iTunes and organising your music folder along with album covers.

Mac – The Macbook air has become a popular laptop for many users, because of its sleekness and ability to allow you to be both productive and creative through one operating system. If you are struggle to understand some of the amazing functions it is capable of producing then I can help you understand the functionality’s that the Macbook air. I have moved  from PC to Mac’s and wouldn’t go back.

iPhone – The iPhone is one of the most well know phone devices that most people use on a daily basis, though with the multitudes of functions it still can be daunting to understand how it all works. I can take you through each step from connecting to iTunes to understanding the ‘Apps’ and then how it can be your computer and not just a phone. It is essential to understand the updates on ‘Apps’ and operating systems. These updates will allow you to use your device without errors.

iPad or iPad Mini  – A larger format of the iPhone without phone-call capabilities. Understand how to use it for editing images, being creative, use it for presentations, social media. A mini version of the Macbook which can aid your daily life without having to carry a large laptop.

iPod Touch – A device that can be a storer of music files with many added features of a iPad. Ability to iMessage and Face-time as it can be used as a normal phone. Ideal for someone who is wanting to learn how to use a Apple product at a lesser cost then most other devices.

Previous versions of the devices – The different devices of iPod’s. Re-use your device for a new function. Shame to get rid of it, so make use of it in another place. Use it for music in the office or room of the house. Depending on which device, use it for when you exercise, ideal for running or walking.


It is essential that you keep on top of updates for your iPhone and/or iPad iPad Mini, these updates keep your operating system on the device to run more smoothly and also allows you to understand what has changed/updated on current ‘Apps’ you might be using.  Updates are on a daily basis and best to do then as and when you noticed the number against the app. If you are unsure on how to do this, or need advise on what sort of update is occurring on your device then please contact me.

I can help you understand your Apple Product devices.

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