Creating iMovies.

With the age of creating digital media it is becoming vital to use visual elements to draw business to you. People enjoy seeing promotion videos about products or businesses. It helps to deliver a great message about your business to others.

iMovies for your business


Using short promotional videos can help with raising the profile of your business to others. It is a tool  that can capture all that you need to say and do about your business to a greater audience.

Various combinations can work, either images with voiceover or music, or a combination of shorter clips mixed in with images and voice/music.
A story should be created to see what would ideally work, overall the movie should not be to long as this can deter people away from what you are trying to say, 2-5 mins is ample, less is more.

Any short clips that you would like to use as part of the whole final movie, should be taken in landscape format, the same applies to images, this avoids the black background that shows up when finalising the movie.

Process of creating a iMovie

I can help provide you with this service of creating a promotion movie using iMovies for your business, it is something that we can work together on and come up with the prefect video that can help promote your business to potential clients.

We create the story board, using images and videos in landscape format that you have and then come up with draft version which is about 2-5 mins long. We are able to record your speech or use music that can help sell what your movie is about.

The final process is to give you a copy of the movie, it can be burnt onto a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc depending on the devices you use. Alternatively you can have it uploaded onto your YouTube account and publish it for everyone to see.

iMovies for personal events.

Recreating those family memories for weddings, birthdays or special occasions can be something we can work together in giving your friends and family something to enjoy.

Using the same methods as before, we can allow these movies to be a little longer depending on the type of occasions it is and also the content you may have.

I would rely on your content and ordering so that the story can be told in a chronically order.

For more details about how I can help you, please contact me on 07595499122 or email

Examples of a my iMovie.

Butcherland Lamb Roast

Giraffe Appeal for The Friends of Chichester Hospitals.

Example of a my movie from the ‘Tour of Britain’ coming to Petworth.