Learning about Basic IT

Do you have a handheld device and not sure how to use it? Then let’s work together to get you to understand the basics.

IT training can be tailored to suit your needs and device.

Understand how to set up Emails, Uploading Photos, Apps and plenty more.

IT Service

Getting Online

With everything moving to Online options, its time to understand even the basic IT skills. Learn how you can use your PC, Handheld device or mobile phone to be your lifeline.

Handheld device

Banks closing is a issue in many rural towns. As I am located in Petworth, West Sussex we will see our last bank close and as I am already up to speed with how to use online banking, let me help you with this too. The setting up is what causes lots of issues, step by step, lets go through how it can help and work for you.

This is not the only online help you can get from me. I love having my shopping arrive without the hassle of carrying heavy items. This is also something we can work together on and see the benefits of how online shopping can really work for you.

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