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1-2-1 Training Service

Learn through me with my 1-2-1 training service and advise on how social media can help improve your business. Step by step we will cover all aspects of social media platforms that would be useful for your business.  Each platform works differently and requires training to get the most out of them. We base the training to cover a few platforms at a time or master one and move on to the next. It is about working at your pace and understanding each element and for you to be able to develop these platforms over time.

My training service can take place in the comfort of your environment and using your own devices so that you understand your own equipment. I can show you how to use your devices beyond just your laptop or PC. Social media works very well using handheld (Smartphones and Tablets) devices as it gives you the ability to be more instant rather than having to wait to sit at a computer.

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Additional Service for your business. 

All social media platforms need time invested in them in order to gain the most out of each one, along with your website, you will notice how well you are being found on search engine sites. It is then important to keep up the momentum on both your social media platforms and website.

My training service here is to take some of the pressure from you and help you with broadcasting your social media through using my add on service. I would apply extracts from either your website or content you can provide for me and distribute it through the social media platforms you are connected with. It is a service that can keep your business be seen on search engines and take off the hassle of having to come up with postings each time. It would be a time saving exercise which would then allow you to focus on the aspects of your business that you may not always get around too. This way everything is taken care off and you can see the results from social media without having to think about it further more.

I would give you a monthly rate for the time spent on providing this service for you. The rate would be based on a number of factors.

  1. Which platforms you want to use mainly.
  2. How often you would like content to be distributed. i.e Hourly, Daily, Weekly.
  3. How content would be developed i.e Website or from you directly providing this information to me.

This additional service is an add on to my 1-2-1 Training Service and therefore would not be a combined rate.

For further discussion regarding this service from Harsha, please get in touch. 01798 342188 or info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk

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