What is #Petworthhour

How does it work?

#Petworthhour started on May 14th 2013 and a number of  local businesses joined into the hour tweeting session showcasing what they do in their business. 

Each week more of a diverse range of businesses pile in and share info about events they maybe involved with or hosting, this ultimately creates further awareness of our area too others and encourages folks to go to craft fairs, fetes and certain workshops.

We have had great discussions between businesses about issues that effect Petworth, from Sunday opening hours, to how businesses can support local festival events.

We have had new discoveries about businesses that run from home, Petworthhour allows businesses to share what they do without being a shop in town.

The aim is to get more businesses to join in each week so that #PetworthHour becomes more of a community tweeting place and an instant way to connect and share services.

When is it on?

Please join into our Petworthhour tweeting session every Tuesday evenings at 8pm. Connecting all the smaller towns around Petworth to become a even bigger community place. Use the hashtag #petworthhour when you compose your tweets. @Petworthhr



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