Why I love my job

Why I love my Job as a social media adviser

Why I love my Job as a social media adviser

Why I love my job

Well that’s easy for me to answer its the thrill of getting someone set up and understand the basics of social media. Beyond that it’s how they go through the process and ask me whatever the question on how I can help them further.

Since doing this now nearly 5 years, the business has gone from strength to strength, working mostly for clients in the Petworth area. I really have enjoyed putting Petworth on the map.

Many of these clients are individuals who want to learn how to grow their business, the others are organisations who want to broaden their reach through social media channels.

I’ve just finished working with The Petworth Festival during their Summer and Literary events who have been going strong for 39 years and will be showcasing their BIG 4-0 next year which I’m sure will be a mega. I’ve throughly enjoyed seeing what they bring to Petworth and enjoyed being part of their team.

Something a bit different have come into Petworth in the last few years and they are Petfringe, another organisation that I’ve been privilege to work with and today was one key moment for me.

Being an avid listener to BBC Sussex, I got to go into their Brighton studio to be interviewed alongside one of the founders of Petfringe. I loved every moment of the 10 mins or so we were in the studio. All that tweeting paid off with the DJ Mark Carter. Lovely to see him again and to grab a quick selfie with us all.

I feel very humbled how social media and a bit of hard work, this town has become my home and work.

Linked with Petfringe

Interview at BBC Sussex

10 Steps to create your LinkedIn Profile

Create your LinkedIn profile to attract potential new clients to your page. Using these 10 steps you will have a strong LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Header Image.

Use a strong header image can really sell your personal brand and give your company exposure to a vast range of clients and give them a great first impression of you. Design your banner image as a PNG, JPEG or GIF file and also that it is under 4MB. Create it to the correct size of 1400 x 425.

  1. Profile Photo

Your Profile photo is an insight into who you are – Use a photo that shows you in a professional manner with a smile. If you choose not to use your own photo then use a business logo, although people will want to see you, so it is important that they connect with the person when it comes to your profile page.

  1. Headline

Here is where you tell people who you and what you do. Using your full name and the role you are in. It has to raise attention about you and that once people see what you do, they will continue to read on more about you and your work.

  1. Website Links

Adding your website to your profile as part of your contact details is important. Options allow you to chose where you want people to go to on your website, alternatively you can change the name of the default text to suit what you might like to use, this can be found under the ‘Other’ option.

  1. Summary Content

This is the most important part of your personal profile – This needs to be filled in as it will be the first place that people will read all about you. Tell a story of your past, present and future goals. This gives a great first impression about you and encourage those on your profile to continue reading on.

  1. Experience

Your working history is important to share with people who will want to connect with you. Listing it from your current work back towards your first ever job. Fill out all your roles and responsibilities for each job that you had. Add links to the companies you have worked for and other information such as presentation, video, photos of your work whilst there or currently.

  1. Publications and Projects

In this section is it key to add information about your work if it has been published and linking it back to the company that published your content. Projects are also a great way to tell people what you are currently working on and in the past to build up a story of your working history.

  1. Skills & Endorsements

Skills and Endorsements are useful to add to your profile as it allows and encourages your connections to endorse you on the skills you have listed about yourself. You can select up to 50 skills that you feel you are wanting to be endorsed for. Put them in some order to highlight the few that you a really good at.

  1. Education

Just like any working history it is vital to let your connections know about your education history – From University or College right back to School. This can help tell your connections what you studied and how you have applied it to your current work or previous work.

  1. Recommendations

Ask people who are in your connections to provide you with a recommendation about that work you have carried out for them or with them. This again helps tell potential clients more about you and who you work with people. At the same time give out recommendations to your connections.

In summary – Using these 10 Steps to create your LinkedIn Profile, you will become more visible to others. From here there are plenty of other sections that you can carry on building – LinkedIn are always introduction new sections and each time you go to your account, you will see a prompt asking you to fill it out.

If you require training for LinkedIn please get in touch. Contact info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk or call 07595499122