Friends of Chichester Hospitals and Social Media learning curve.

Friends of Chichester Hospitals

“We met Harsha when she contacted us after her daughter was born at St Richard’s, and she noticed the equipment donated by the Friends to Maternity and Neonatal Units. She had found our website, and noticed that we did not use Twitter or Facebook. Harsha realised that we could reach a wider public if we signed up to at least one kind of social media – and correctly deduced that like many people the Friends were nervous about how to get started and to use the modern media!

We had been thinking about getting started but were very unsure about how to go about it – terrified of making IT mistakes, and concerned about security. Harsha put us at our ease very quickly and her enthusiasm and understanding of our worries gave us the confidence to start learning and setting up our own Twitter account.

Harsha made it all very relaxed and easy, so that when I got confused or uncertain about what to do, she ensured that she took me through each step with amazing patience! She is an excellent teacher  – endless patience and a great sense of humour. We laughed our way out if my initial mistakes, and she really understood how important it was to get it right, as we are using the social media for an important charitable purpose.

Communicating through Twitter and Facebook.

Charities need to communicate effectively, and using both Twitter and Facebook has helped the Friends to connect with more people who would not otherwise know how we raise money, and how much we spend to support St Richard’s Hospital, and local mental health services. The Friends’ motto is “Making a real difference for patients and staff” – Harsha has made a real difference for us too.”

Jane Ramage – Chair of Friends of Chichester Hospitals.

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