Testimonial from Julie Regan – Pilates Fitness West Sussex.

How I have helped you with social media.

“Social media now plays a much larger part in my business and I have to say that I found it very confusing before meeting Harsha.

The great thing about working with Harsha is that she keeps everything super-simple and easy to understand.  I have definitely received more business via social media since working with Harsha and this is obviously the way that business is heading.  Its easy to keep your head buried in the sand but I now know (through working with Harsha) that this is simply throwing away potential income.”

What platforms we have worked on – Facebook, Twitter.

“I used to dabble with Facebook but now have a much clearer understanding of how to use FB to a much fuller advantage.  Harsha also introduced me to using Twitter as a tool to gain more credibility and to reach a much wider audience – and it really isn’t as difficult as you might think.

With the right help (i.e through Harsha’s clear instructions) you can gain so much more presence and hence grow your business with little effort.”

What have you got out from it.

“Definitely more clients and a wider audience for potential clients.

Harsha has also helped me in lots of time-saving ways to set up automatic posts and this is well worth the money spent.

Without Harsha I would still be in the dark with regards Social Media.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend booking some sessions with Harsha so you’re not left behind in this world of social media.

Thank you Harsha for being so patient and understanding when I’ve asked time and time again the same old questions before I finally got my brain around this stuff.

You make this area of my business so much easier and I can, without doubt, see the full benefits to using all the tools you’ve shown me.”

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