How important is Facebook live video for my business?

Facebook live

One thing is certain, if you want to have the best representation of your brand or online business, you need to be “on the move”, knowing the latest trends and learning how new technologies work.
Facebook is constantly changing and analysing what types of content are most relevant for users. That is why Facebook Live – which is a live broadcast video on Facebook – will appear higher in the news feed.
Now that people watch videos in real time, live broadcasts consider this as being a fresh and vibrant new type of content.

•    What is Facebook Live?

You can carry out video streaming live on Facebook from 3 places: your Facebook profile, your business page or from your groups and your events – all by using your iPhone or Android.
Thus, you can instantly share things. People can connect with you on those channels, see your transmissions, and not only that, they can comment and “react” as smileys to what you are transmitting.

•    Making a connection

Facebook Live gives you the wonderful opportunity to establish a more personal and real connection with the people who have given “likes” to your page.
It is the connection we are always looking for and that can be difficult in the virtual world. Although you’re not meeting them face to face, you can greet them directly and call them by name as if they were in front of you, because you look at your comments. This way you have the opportunity to create a meaningful connection with them.

•    How will Facebook Live benefit your business?

Using Facebook Live is a very powerful way to get the attention of your audience in what is often a saturated and competitive platform.
According to Facebook, it is 3 times more likely that people will watch a video if it is live and that it will rank higher in the newsfeed – you’ll be able to capture more attention than solely using a traditional video, images or text.
Why? The reason is simple: one of the objectives that pursue social networks is the participation or “engagement” of those who have connected with you.
One of the questions that is so often asked is, “How can I get the right people on Facebook who are interested in my product /service?”
Well, Facebook Live is a powerful way to show your unique value, through your proposition and experience. You can use the live video feeds to:
•    Conduct question and answer sessions.
•    Give breaking news in your industry or business.
•    Share Interviews
•    Show your business “Behind the scenes”
•    Demos
•    Tutorials
The list goes on!
Then as you get more confident with the feeds, you can start to polish the production values and include: Multiple camera angles, graphics and production values to TV style.

•    Best practices for creating broadcasts that people want to see

# 1 Have a plan
Ask yourself if you have the time and resources to do so. Everything is perfect in your head, but have you outlined a detailed plan of action? Completing this planning will help you achieve your goals.

# 2 Be Inspired
Research is the main part of much of the process. There is where the inspiration comes from. Check what type of content you are creating in your industry.

# 3 Define your audience
One thing is certain, you cannot please everyone. Focus on what your followers are really looking forward to on your Facebook page.

# 4 Check the set
The environment in which you record should be clean, bright and presentable.  Make sure you have a fantastic framework for people to focus on what you have to say, without distractions in the background.

# 5 Arm yourself with the right tools
Your phone + tripod + external microphone + good lighting need to become your new best friends. Take care of them!

# 6 Promote
Notify people in advance that you will have a live broadcast. You can give them something like a sneak preview while you’re preparing, through a text or an image.

# 7 Locate a place with strong internet connection
Check the app to make sure you have strong connection before transmitting. Wi-Fi tends to be better, but you can also use 4G, so check your connection in advance.

# 8 Create eye-catching titles
A good title better capture the attention of people who see your transmission. They should be short and sweet, from 55 to 60 characters.

# 9 Relax
Create rituals to feel calm enough to beginning the Live broadcast. Inhale and exhale slowly and smile before starting.

# 10 Click the button!
Get in on the broadcast! It is time to click. Arm yourself with courage. The more feeds you do, the easier and better you’ll become.

Used correctly, the live broadcasts on Facebook can be a great tool for your marketing mix and your social networking strategy. Because with greater participation, you’ll create more interaction with people who you want to serve, listen and gain feedback from.

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