How to post on Facebook as a business not from a personal account

It’s a common problem with Facebook – having multiple profiles and trying to juggle them as smoothly as possible isn’t always as easy as it seems to begin with. With the huge growth of the social network, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of having their own business page and using it to promote their services and offering a variety of information. However, if you want to make a post on yours or someone else’s page as your business, you need to remember to switch between accounts. This is easy to overlook, so here we show in simple steps how to make this adjustment.
With the Facebook business page, you’ll need 2 profiles; your business page profile and your personal profile. They will both give you the opportunity to upload posts; however, you will appear as either your business or your personal self and not as both. Both profiles also have their news feeds. They are
• Your Page Profile News Feed: this is strictly made up of pages you have liked as your page.
• Your personal Profile News Feed: this is based on the updates of your Friends’ status as well as the pages you have liked personally.
If you wish to change your personal profile to business page profile, you will have to:
1. Log in as usual.
2. Locate the account dropdown at the top right corner of the page and click on it.
3. Choose the Page link that you wish from the drop down menu.
If you are an admin for several pages, this is where you toggle among these pages as well as your personal profile.

facebook business page

After you must have clicked on the link of your choice, you will be taken directly to the page selected. You will then be given admin privileges and the page will appear as your business page and not as your personal profile. It’s a good idea to try it out as the difference becomes clear.
When you are on the your page section, your page’s admin pane will contain Notifications, Messages, New Likes, Insight and page Tips.

facebook business
It is likely that you are used to seeing news feeds on your personal account and you don’t think you will get such benefits from the business page profile. However, this isn’t a problem and you can get news feeds on any of the profiles. Your Page Profile News Feed is strictly based on the Pages you liked. To see them, click the Home link on the top right corner of the page.
It works just like that of your personal account, just that it’s filled with posts from other Pages that you have liked. Note that if you are yet to like any page, you will have nothing to see as news Feeds. Only page updates are visible because you can’t like a personal account as a Page.
If you are on the business page profile and wish to go back to your personal profile, you just have to:
1. Click the Account link on the top right part of the page.
2. Select Facebook as your personal account name from the dropdown.
This is how you can go back and forth with your profiles.
There’s another small observation you need to understand. When you are on your personal profile and you go to your business Page, you will see a notification bar at the top of the page and a link with the name, and voice on it, as well as a link asking you to change to your personal profile – even though you are already on your personal profile. Note that the voice is replacing what you used to see as Postng Preference and was a part of the editor dashboard. This was done to make it very clear to the user that he/she is on either a personal profile or on a business page profile.

facebook businesspage

Now that you are aware of the distinct profile and how to manage them, here are some tips for you:
• You cannot perform any admin task on any business page that you are an admin if you are viewing you Facebook with your page profile. You will have to change back to your personal profile first.

• You can post your page on another page, but you cannot post as your business Page on anyone’s personal Facebook Profile.

• You shouldn’t post as your business page always to avoid being too spammy. It may be a very good way to promote your page, but you don’t have to do this to the point where it becomes annoying. Facebook is still a social network and not a place to fill up with your business name.

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