Twitter Tips

Top tips on growing your Twitter Followers

Top tip #1: Engage in conversation.

Engagement is a crucial part of growing your following. In order to achieve this, do not be afraid to respond to someone’s question on Twitter. Most users like to have engagement with new users as it is a great way too gain a possible new follower and even maybe to get some business out of it, if it is a business related response. Take the plunge and reach out to Twitter users who you have been meaning to connect with and also with users that you admire and want to say hello too.

Top tip #2: Posting only links!

Many users connect there social media platforms together, in particular Facebook to Twitter so that they cover both platforms. What they don’t see is that every time they post pictures on Facebook personal or businesses related it sends out a link saying ‘I posted a new photo on Facebook’ which is ok for a couple of images, but not fill up your Twitter feed with this information, It will turn followers to unfollow you as it will show no engagement on your account. Be aware of this on your Twitter feed and maybe consider deleting tweets after you have posted on Facebook. Follow me in Facebook 

Top tip #3: Following back

What is the etiquette of following users that follow you and how to respond to them. Well you don’t have to follow back every person that follows you, they have their reason to follow you and you have yours. If you want to engage with certain types of users, then that’s who you will follow and to continually engage with them. It is good to respond to users who follow you with a Thanks of some kind, is shows that you have appreciated their following and also it might be someone who you would want to follow.

Top tip #4: Twitter Networking

Twitter Networking has really taking off, people and businesses see the powers of using ‘Networking Hours’, so many of them on each day that you can’t help to either join in or consider running one yourself. The hours can connect you with businesses all over your area and beyond, if you want to make a connection further from your remit then consider using the hours as a way to connect with others this way, its very informal and can really help your business depending on how to engage with others. #Petworthhour @Petworthhr has been running for nearly a year and it is on every Tuesday at 8pm, more recently as other ‘hours’ have come on board around this time, it has boosted the engagement on #Petworthhour, we see numbers of nearly 20-30K accounts reached, which is amazing for the size of town Petworth is and also the types of users that interact on #Petworthhour.  

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