Which Social Media Platform should I use?

Which Social Media Platform should I use?

The question which social media platform I should use is said to me frequently,  I get asked each time someone is needing training for their business.

My reply is simple, chose the platform that can give you the most for the effort you can put in.

There are so many varied businesses now and each type of business has different people buying or using their services.

I deal a lot with antique dealers in Petworth who need their existing and plenty of new customers to see what they have to sell in their shops.

It is vital to have good images and show off what their item is. With smartphones being as good as any digital camera, you can have your product on social media in an instant.

Outsourcing your social media


The types of social media platforms I would recommend for businesses who have products to sell, I say Instagram is the one to use, it’s become so popular across all ages and it image based, so you will always pick up someone who will be interested in that image.

Twitter and Facebook are very popular for those who opened these accounts from a while ago, they are familiar in how they work and they can get the message to their followers if they are effective.


Twitter works well for those wanting to get in with what is trending, react in an instant with or without using an image.


Facebook allows you to write more, tag in others, post at schedule times to capture an audience through boost posts.


For those who are in the professional field of work, LinkedIn allows you to become connected with a whole heap of people who might be a worthwhile connections for jobs, improving your networking circle, building business relationships.

These are some of the few that I feel work for the types of business I tend to work with. Although beyond these social media platforms there is still Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and many more.

If you need help with your social media, then get in touch with me. info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk or call 07595499122

Social Media Adviser 6 years old.

Social Media Adviser 6 years old.

Social Media Adviser 6 years old – My small social media business is celebrating is 6th year of business. Since the start back in 2012, it was just something that started through a simply phone call about Twitter and Facebook, since then it has grown and continues too.

The Social Media business has now become very a competitive market and lots of people are working in this field. Plenty of people offer an excellent service and probably price it accordingly to what they feel they are worth.

The service I offer is based on us working together and then looking ahead on what I could provide for you.

It is often key for me to make sure that you understand the social media platforms you would like to use for your business.

Each of the platforms offer different elements and needs work in order to give you the results you require.

It is easy to just open accounts with all the different platforms and hope that the first post, tweet, video you add will bring followers to you, sadly this is not the case, instead what will happen is that nobody will see you, because you have not filled out the profiles on each account properly and also not finding the people or businesses you need to follow.

End result is that you have all these opened accounts and then soon forget the username and passwords which ultimately results in you not using the accounts for what you hoped too do.

Step in my help!

Lets sort out your username and password issue first, better to try and fix this problem before just opening new accounts with new email address, it might be a easy fix and probably get round the problem quickly but trust me, this can be a nightmare when two or more accounts are ‘Out There’ and people start to get confused which one to start liking or following. This can also drive people off what you are trying to say as the message is not reaching them.

So it is vital we fix this problem first, then move on to which social media platform works for your business. Let me know tell you about each one and then select the one or ones that would work best.

From here we move into setting up, filling out data content required, adding the correct imagery and contact details. Find friends and family to help populate your account, find businesses that you might want to keep an eye on or would like to follow. Either way you need to start finding people and business to connect with as the few you start with will make no impact on your account. The key number of certain social media platforms is 30.

If you would like social media training, then please get in touch and we can go from there.

A new line to my business which developed soon after the 1-2-1 and Group training was taking on the management of social media accounts. This is something that releases the stress or burden you might have with social media, knowing that someone who understands you and your business can help grow move it forward whilst you enjoy working at your business.

A management plan can be worked out to suit what you require. Depending on the business model, social media can work around it. This also applies to your budget and the type of content you require.

Fresh content can be gathered online, using your website is also another way to promote your business on social media and the odd fun content, brings the who package together.

This is what I can help you with when it comes to your business.

Other parts to my social media business is Apple Training, being a Mac, iPhone user now for a number of years I have learnt how they work and can help anyone who is transitioning from PC to Mac or to help set up your iPad’s/iPhones.

Step by step to get through what is required. Patience is key, if accounts have been created, passwords lost, questions and answers not matching up, it can feel like a nightmare, but one at a time, we can get through it and end up with a device that works for you and have all your notes filed so that they are accessible.

apple devices

Social media is my main like of work, but I have other facets and always happy to get an enquiry about what I could do for you. Get in touch and find out more. 07595499122 or email info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk


Save time by Outsourcing

Save time by Outsourcing

You need to focus on your business making sure that everything is ticking over, don’t let the chore of social media be something that get’s pushed aside.

Instead consider outsourcing your social media to us, we can help ease this burden for you.

We are here to help you save time by outsourcing your social media to a budget that suits you.

Discussing what your needs are and working towards a goal. Working out how much to post and whether it is, hourly, daily or weekly.

Your budget is the largest factor on how you choose to outsource your social media. It can help save time by outsourcing but does the money you put towards it have an impact. This all depends on how often your content is on social media.

Personally having a couple of different social media platforms accounts can help, this can ease the load of what gets posted where and when you prefer, not just using one platform to feed the others all at the same time.

A recent client is happy to handle their twitter account, whilst we carry out their Facebook account, client seems happy with using twitter as it’s a quick option to fire something out and also they can be reactive to what is going on.

Whilst with Facebook it takes a bit more time, it is important to get the right image to go with the text, the correct tags to all the businesses you want to target, location marker, using hashtags is required, all of this can be a bit longer than just using twitter and hence why this has been outsourced to us.

The point is save time when outsourcing knowing that your business is getting online and you don’t have to worry about getting it all together, leave that to the experts.

save time outsourcing

Get in touch

If outsourcing is something you would like to discuss or have for your business, then get in touch with us. We are here to help lighten your load.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, if you are not using them as yet, maybe consider how to via our social media training.

Email info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk


Back to school

Back to School Time.

We are now approaching back to school for our little ones, so hopefully this will give you time to learn about something new. Have you been putting off what you wanted to learn for a while until now?

Well whilst the kids are at school why don’t you learn about how social media can work for you. Everyday is a school day, so lets work together and get you on the right road.

Training Plan

We can give you 1-2-1 training to learn how to use social media and how if used correctly the results can been seen. Nothing is quick so patience is key, but the learning part is more important.

There are so many social media platforms, that it is hard to pick the right one for you, so we need to discuss the type of business you have and what will be the right platform for you, selecting the correct platforms will help get your business ‘out there’ to the wider audience. Step by step is how we will carry out the training. Using your devices and being comfortable in the environment you are in.

One thing we’ve learnt from years of giving training, is that if the client is stressed out about learning then we need to find a way to relax into this. Social media is suppose to be fun so we will make sure it is for you.

No Tech Speak

Keeping is simple is also key, tech speak is something we are not about, everything has to be broken down so that you are learning and ‘getting it’. It works in our favour that you are understanding what we are talking about. Based on this method we hope that you will use us and for those who have worked with us, keep coming back because of our methods.

Back to school can be a new venture for anyone at any age. If social media is not for your business but just want to understand it to connect with family, then we can also show you that.

Get in touch with us, here to help you!

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Back To School

10 Steps to create your LinkedIn Profile

Create your LinkedIn profile to attract potential new clients to your page. Using these 10 steps you will have a strong LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Header Image.

Use a strong header image can really sell your personal brand and give your company exposure to a vast range of clients and give them a great first impression of you. Design your banner image as a PNG, JPEG or GIF file and also that it is under 4MB. Create it to the correct size of 1400 x 425.

  1. Profile Photo

Your Profile photo is an insight into who you are – Use a photo that shows you in a professional manner with a smile. If you choose not to use your own photo then use a business logo, although people will want to see you, so it is important that they connect with the person when it comes to your profile page.

  1. Headline

Here is where you tell people who you and what you do. Using your full name and the role you are in. It has to raise attention about you and that once people see what you do, they will continue to read on more about you and your work.

  1. Website Links

Adding your website to your profile as part of your contact details is important. Options allow you to chose where you want people to go to on your website, alternatively you can change the name of the default text to suit what you might like to use, this can be found under the ‘Other’ option.

  1. Summary Content

This is the most important part of your personal profile – This needs to be filled in as it will be the first place that people will read all about you. Tell a story of your past, present and future goals. This gives a great first impression about you and encourage those on your profile to continue reading on.

  1. Experience

Your working history is important to share with people who will want to connect with you. Listing it from your current work back towards your first ever job. Fill out all your roles and responsibilities for each job that you had. Add links to the companies you have worked for and other information such as presentation, video, photos of your work whilst there or currently.

  1. Publications and Projects

In this section is it key to add information about your work if it has been published and linking it back to the company that published your content. Projects are also a great way to tell people what you are currently working on and in the past to build up a story of your working history.

  1. Skills & Endorsements

Skills and Endorsements are useful to add to your profile as it allows and encourages your connections to endorse you on the skills you have listed about yourself. You can select up to 50 skills that you feel you are wanting to be endorsed for. Put them in some order to highlight the few that you a really good at.

  1. Education

Just like any working history it is vital to let your connections know about your education history – From University or College right back to School. This can help tell your connections what you studied and how you have applied it to your current work or previous work.

  1. Recommendations

Ask people who are in your connections to provide you with a recommendation about that work you have carried out for them or with them. This again helps tell potential clients more about you and who you work with people. At the same time give out recommendations to your connections.

In summary – Using these 10 Steps to create your LinkedIn Profile, you will become more visible to others. From here there are plenty of other sections that you can carry on building – LinkedIn are always introduction new sections and each time you go to your account, you will see a prompt asking you to fill it out.

If you require training for LinkedIn please get in touch. Contact info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk or call 07595499122


5 Social Media Tips To Remember

5 Social Media Tips To Remember

It is important to keep active on all your social media platforms, these tips will help ensure you can and guide you through, to be seen more effectively online.

Tip #1 – Schedule your social media.

Using social media tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Tweetdeck can help you save plenty of time. Set aside time to carry out this work and then monitor incoming replies or comments so that you can be responsive.

Tip #2 – Targeting your audience.

In composing each tweet or post, it is vital to tag in another business, so that they can receive your information and share it even further. Tweets with no targeting can still work, but you will find that the reach won’t be as great. Do the same with your other social media accounts and notice the difference.

Tip #3 – Use URL Shorteners to track and measure your engagements.

Using Bilty or Google Shorteners can help you track and monitor when your link has been clicked on. The link drives users back to your website, where more information can be found. Overall the link shortener looks neater and collects data for you to check back through.

Tip #4 – Paid promotion for your social media campaign.

With now more people engaging in social media it is important to keep up to speed. Using the paid features on many of the social media platforms, it is a good way to share your content to a bigger audience. Gain new followers, likes. Paid promoting can be targeted by area you live in, age groups and gender, whilst working to a budget that suits you.

Tip #5 – The right place to use a Hash-tag.

All of the social media platforms allow hash-tags to be used, on some of the platforms over usage can start to look messy and off putting by those seeing your information. Use them in the correct accounts, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, not so much on Facebook or LinkedIn. Not every word needs to be hash-tagged, chose the words that can give you the most impact and create ones that you wish others to start using.

For more information about Social media Training please contact us on info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk or 07595499122.

Multiethnic Group of People with Social Media Concept
Multiethnic Group of People with Social Media Concept

Top 5 tips to make your Facebook Business Page work

Top 5 tips to make your Facebook Business page work

Do you have your Facebook Business set up, if not why not? Not sure how then let us help you with our social media training.

If you do have a Facebook Business Page are you using it correctly?

Tip #1 – Local Business

If your business page has been set up at a Local Business you will be able to collect reviews/testimonial from people. This is a great way to get people to say what they think about your service/business. You can also reply to reviews which is good to do when you receive them.

Tip #2 – Engaging with your audience

Your likes have come from individual people, who are potential clients, new clients and former clients, so giving them good information about your business will keep them on your page and for them to interact with you. Your post should attract them to interact with you. So give them the type of information that you would like to receive if the shoe was on the other foot!

Tip #3 – Ask questions on your Facebook business page

Carry out a survey and see what your audience will respond back with. Depending on the type of business you are, you could ask one or more questions, this just depends on what sort of outcome you require. Monitor what people are saying during the question being interacted with. Give a deadline on when the question comes to a close so that you can give results back to everyone who engaged with you on your question.

Tip #4 – ‘Apps ‘ from other social media platforms.

Building out your page is great with photos, reviews and showing off your likes. It is also good to see ‘apps’ from your other social media sites built into your page. Connect to other platforms that you have signed up too and when people are on your business page they can also find your other social media accounts.

Tip #5 – B2B connection

Beyond engaging with all the people that like your page, engage with your business connections B2B. When positing a update, it is useful to tag in a business or two, it works if you want your message to go out even further, it can help them interact with you and their audience. Also anything they post, share it back on your page, this will inform them that you have done so and will encourage them to do the same for status updates too.

If you find that you do not have the time or confidence to do our social media, come to us for social media training or outsource your social media to us, experts in social media; freeing up your valuable time so that you concentrate on doing what you do best.

Call us on 07595499122  or fill in our enquiry page form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible; with 24 hours!

SocialMedia training

Promote your Business using Social Media

Using Social Media to promote your business.

Businesses are familiar with the conventional wisdom about making first impression count but are you making the most out of the opportunity.

An owner of a business will use various ideas in keeping their business image intact and focus on new networking skills with potential new customers.

Top tips on how to promote using Social media for your business.

Tip #1: Have a better website – businesses rely on the Internet to connect with other businesses. Having a good website can be a real asset for you, it will drive customers to you, a bad one will turn them off and not want to spend any money with you. Have your website easy to navigate and informative so people can find exactly what they are looking for. This will keep them on your website and ideally make some orders with you.

Tip #2: Use the social media platforms that are available for your business, so many that you can chose from and having a few key platforms can help establish your business online.

Tip #3: A Facebook business page can provide customers with lots of information about what you do, where you are and give them some history about your business.

Tip #4: Twitter would allow you to share special promotions and events to all your followers.

Tip #5: Social media can be used to gain customer feedback, which can be used to ensure you are meeting with your customers needs. A business that actively engages with their customers is more likely to have a positive image than one that does not. Social media is the tool businesses can use with customers.

Tip #6: Social media is here to stay; it is becoming the fastest way to communicate with each other. Understanding it and learning how to use it for your business is key. The platforms allow you to gain insight in how it works for you in conjunction with your website.

Posting information on your Social Media Platforms.

People look on social media platforms for all sorts of things, so if your page is active and updated often then you will see engagement on your page.

Give useful information to your potential new customers, they have come onto your page either by searching for you or through a recommendation and in order to gain a new follower or ‘like’ give them some reason do to this. Make them feel valued. Special offers, promotions, tips, vouchers are some ideas on how you can track how your campaign is going.

Tip #7: Brand Consistency

Have all your branding consistent across all social media platforms and also on your website. Together they will broadcast whatever your feature is and give you a bigger presence overall.

Tip #8: Engage with your community.

Beyond just posting information actively, engage with your customers. Encourage them to share ideas with you, take on board their views and reply with a positive attitude. Blogging about your service, products offers is another way of engaging with your customers, replies to comments should be addressed to continue the active engagement.

Social Media Training.

All this is to ultimately help you improve your online presence. Remember first impressions really do matter so start off well and the rest will follow.

I can provide social media training, to help grow your business.

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Online Virtual Networking

Online Virtual Networking.

In this past two years we have since, a rise in online virtual networking hours on Twitter. It has become hugely popular for so many businesses to grow their network in and around wherever their business is located.  The start of #Sussexhour promoted the county with the large number of businesses it has. From here the idea of creating smaller networking hours was born.


People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts
People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts


Seeing how Sussexhour worked it showed that smaller towns could benefit in the similar way. In May 2013 #Petworthhour was launched encouraging as many businesses to join in on the hour networking which is held every Tuesday between 8-9pm. Starting off with only a few businesses,  the momentum grew and has now got to a point that we find businesses automatically tweet with businesses on Petworthhour due to its longevity.

Monitoring the numbers each night using Tweetreach showed who was joining in and how much of an impact it has on the hour. At the start the accounts reach would be between 3000-5000 accounts, now we see numbers reaching between 12000 to 25000 which is great for a small town in West Sussex.

The news about Petworthhour has spread far and wide which is only a good thing as it certainly promotes this wonderful town full of Antique shops and the various different types of retailers including the restaurants, tea rooms and pubs. Beyond all the shops it highlights the businesses from home which benefit from Petworthhour a great deal, its an opportunity for those businesses to network with others as they do not have shop fronts. To find out more about all the various Businesses in and around the Petworth area please visit Discover Petworth. My profile page is in the Petworth Directory.

In August 2013, Petworthhour took centre stage in a full page write up by the local paper, they saw how Petworthhour and twitter in general was highlighting Petworth to the rest of the community.

Twitter has become one of the fastest ways to communicate with others, its proving be be popular all across all ages for various reasons. These online virtual networking hours can fill your Twitter Feed if you are following them and in turn makes you want to be encouraged in tweeting with all of them to help grow your business even further.

Join us every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm on @Petworthhr using the hashtag #Petworthhour, we look forward to seeing new businesses using online virutal networking hour too grow and share content between us all.  Spread the word!.

Twitter Training.

If you want help on how to use twitter for your business and then see how #Petworthhour or any of the other online virtual networking hours can work for you, then please get in touch as I can provide you with 1-2-1 training for your business.

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Link to the article in the Midhurst-Petworth Observer. 


Google Plus Tips

Google Plus Tips

Are you using Google Plus? Not sure why it’s not working for you?  

Google Plus TipsThen these Google Plus Tips might help build your engagement and get your profile viewed.

Tip #1: When posting include photos and videos, Google plus works with YouTube, it will also makes your posts more interesting and visually appealing.

Tip #2: Don’t over load your posts. Keep it simple so that your message is read and taking in by the reader.

Tip #3: In your post insert an asterisks around the word/words you would like Google to pick up in your title tag. Your post will rank in search results.

Tip #4: Always check your posts to make sure there are no errors, spell check using Google plus automatic spell checker.

Tip #5: Choose who you want to share your post with. Public will be automatic, but you may want to be more specific with who you want to target.

Tip #6: If you are want to alert someone, then tag them into your post, using the @.

Tip #7: In Google plus you can use Hash tags #, don’t go over the top, about 2-3 is enough. Google will auto-populate the hash tags before you post. Check if your hash tag is treading and worth hash tagging.

Tip #8: If you are going to add a link into your post, make sure that the thumbnail is relevant to the post, this will make your post more appealing to the readers.

Tip #9: If what you have written is important and needs repeating over, then it is worth re-wording the post information so that your followers who do see it again are not put off with the repetition of the post.

Tip #10: Think about the time of day you are posting, it is important to see how many + 1’s you are receiving on previous posts and this will give you an indication when is a good time of day. Consider beyond your home country if you want to target people around the globe.

Tip #11:  just post your link; give your readers some sort of excerpt or quote of your post. Even if they don’t open it at that time they can return to it later knowing they have had some sample of what to expect.

Tip #12: Ask questions to your followers, it keeps them engaged and you can give more from a conversation than just keep posting.

Tip #13: It is important that any comments left on your post as replied too, it shows that you are a real person and willing to engage with your readers.

Tip #14: Post on other peoples posts. The more you interact with them the more likely they will interact with you.

Tip #15: Grow your circles, you can create them how you like, so make it work for you, if you are targeting a certain group, let them know that. Important to have all the various groups so you know who will get your posts.

There is still more to learn beyond these 15 Google Plus Tips, but this is to give you an example of how you can start to build your profile.

Google Plus is important to understand and to use for your business, it is fast becoming the social media platform to use. Once you understand how it works and these google plus tips will help, the rest will become clearer. It is a powerful tool and will certainly draw business to you.

For training with Google Plus contact me on 07595499122 or fill in our enquiry form.

We can go through each one of these Google Plus Tips if you are unsure of anything within our social media training or we can manage your social media for you.


Visit my Google Plus business page for more information.