Which Social Media Platform should I use?

The question which social media platform I should use is said to me frequently,  I get asked each time someone is needing training for their business.

My reply is simple, chose the platform that can give you the most for the effort you can put in.

There are so many varied businesses now and each type of business has different people buying or using their services.

I deal a lot with antique dealers in Petworth who need their existing and plenty of new customers to see what they have to sell in their shops.

It is vital to have good images and show off what their item is. With smartphones being as good as any digital camera, you can have your product on social media in an instant.

Outsourcing your social media


The types of social media platforms I would recommend for businesses who have products to sell, I say Instagram is the one to use, it’s become so popular across all ages and it image based, so you will always pick up someone who will be interested in that image.

Twitter and Facebook are very popular for those who opened these accounts from a while ago, they are familiar in how they work and they can get the message to their followers if they are effective.


Twitter works well for those wanting to get in with what is trending, react in an instant with or without using an image.


Facebook allows you to write more, tag in others, post at schedule times to capture an audience through boost posts.


For those who are in the professional field of work, LinkedIn allows you to become connected with a whole heap of people who might be a worthwhile connections for jobs, improving your networking circle, building business relationships.

These are some of the few that I feel work for the types of business I tend to work with. Although beyond these social media platforms there is still Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and many more.

If you need help with your social media, then get in touch with me. info@socialmedia-adviser.co.uk or call 07595499122