Smartphones & Tablets over a PC/Laptop on Twitter.

How do you use Twitter?

The Functions on Twitter.

Do you sit at your PC or Laptop and filter through to find out who has tweeted with you or you want to tweet with. Clicking through each of the tabs to figure all this out.

The ‘Home’ tab showing you all the tweets that have come in from all who you are following and from your followers who are retweeting their followers which then show up on your home feed.

The ‘Connect’ tabs shows you all your interactions and mentions that have come through, allowing you to pin down who is tweeting with you. You will be able to understand if they have conversed with you, retweeted or favourited your tweet.

The ‘Discover’ tab is what is breaking on twitter, a collection of information from people who are talking about the same thing as you. This can lead to something you are interested in to potential trend depending on how much interaction it has.

The ‘Me’ tab is the front page of your twitter profile, it shows you your profile information, the combinations of tweets and retweets you may have sent out, images that you may have attached to your tweets and also a suggestion of who to follow and what is currently trending.



Using Twitter on your Smartphone or Tablet.

All this is valuable information when using your PC or Laptop but I find that using a smartphone or tablet can provide you with even more functions that you are not able to from a static machine.

One of the best functions I tend to use often is to ‘Quote’ a tweet, the option comes up when you want to retweet something you like, but ‘Quoting’ has become a common usage for me as it allows you to keep a conversation to grow, although you will start to lose characters depending on how long the tweet it.

I find that when Im conducting Petworthhour on tuesday evenings at 8pm, I need to use the ‘Quote’, reason being if someone has tweeting and not use the hash tag Petworthour as one word, then I am able to change this and reply back to them to keep the conversation going.

Many times you can see a tweet that has not reached to people correctly and using this functions allows you to amend this which then will reach the person who it was attended for.

The double tapping of the ‘Home’ button is also a fantastic function as if you are not on your twitter feed 24/7 then you will have a lot of swishing to do to get back to the top of the most recent tweet, double tapping takes away the laborious task of doing this. Once to the top you can scroll back down to see what you may have missed, but its better that way then they trying to scroll upwards.

The last great function when you using a smart phone or tablet has to be, switching between accounts, if you have a personal and business account or if you are in charge of looking after more than one account, the switching between them all is clean and easy.  If you used a PC/Laptop you would have to log out each time and then log back in and tweet away, when wanting to do something in an instant I would find using a PC really annoying and prefer the smartphone/tablet option.

Would this encourage you to use your smartphone or tablet over your PC, maybe, especially if you want to capture something in an instant, that is the beauty of it, take a pic and tweet it all in one motion. The sign of the times really!.

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