Social Media Networking Sites.

The debate begins with which social media site do you most use.?

Are you a tweeter, or facebooker or google plus newbie. Which ever you use or enjoy, they are have their merit in the social media world.

Facebook has grown from being a place to find your old friends and make new ones to creating business pages and groups. Now people are advertising things to sell to the local community which is proving really well for everyone who joins in. Overall it is a great way of discovering what people are up and to be able to enjoy multiple photos of family, holiday snaps and more. Also you are able to create events which helps co-ordinate everyone in one place, updated information so that people are in the know. All these roles of Facebook replace so many parts of my daily routine. This could be a good or bad depending on how you use it all. Find me on Facebook

Twitter has become a tool that I believe will take over from Facebook soon enough, it function in a different way completely so there is a need for both for your business, although I feel that Twitter helps to capture something in an instant which Facebook still struggles to do. More and more you see during a TV shows information about Twitter rather than Facebook and this is probably for the reason already mentioned. With so much information available on Twitter it is no wonder why people really do enjoy tweeting. Tweet with me on HRDSocialMedia

Google+ is very popular in the States and is making its way over to the UK. With Google being its parent I can see how this might be the social media of the future. Using and learning about it stages will be the best way to learn all about Google+, a very intuitive format which has an element of Facebook to it, whilst also allowing you to be able to create circles of friends which can identify friends from business contacts. I firmly things that Google+ is watch this space.

LinkedIn and Pinterest are the other two that are also popular with people, each again have their own criteria, LinkedIn is a place which allows you to add information about yourself to be seen by people who may be looking for you in a job role, or a place to find others like yourself to make a connection with. More recently you can start to create a business page, similar to the Facebook business page.

Pinterest is a creative site, its all about fantastic images showcasing your interests, this is a good way to catalogue ideas or stock if you have various elements to your business. Great way to see others who post images about their work and for you to like and connect back to your page.

These are my most used and favourite at the moment, plenty more social media sites out there to use and learn about. So if you could rank your order what order would it be.

1 – Twitter, 2- Facebook, 3- LinkedIn, 4- Google+, 5 – Pinterest.