The debate about one over the other. What are your thoughts and how well do you know your Mac or PC.

I, like most people have always used a PC, since getting to grips with modern day technology, I started to use and understanding all the Microsoft programs that go along with a PC and also the design programs that also operate on a PC, like AutoCAD, but in the last few years I have been learning all about how to use a Mac Book and other Apple devices and I have to say that there is so much to learn if you want to get the best out of your device. Using these new applications in Social media has been very easy for me, Apple devices really work well with Twitter, Facebook and alike, the ‘Apps’ from iTunes are intuitive and easy to install, having the Mac Book just enhances all of this together seemlessly I truly believe that!


social media Apple resize

“Once you go Mac you don’t go back”

From the moment you open your new Mac Book or Apple device you are in love, its Apple’s way of making it look sexy, well it certainly does do that. Depending on when you get your devices, it will feel like Christmas each time.

Beyond the appeal of the product you have to start understanding how a Mac works, the commands are different which at first can be frustrating and also not knowing how to bring up symbols that are not apparent, e.g. a  hashtag when using it for Twitter. Most people are use to using a mouse when operating a PC, with a Mac its best not too, the touch pad is all you need, but again it take some time to understand it as it works based on how many fingers you use to move around the screen.

I do miss my old PC from the ease of how I know it works from my many years of using it and still work with them when meeting with clients during our social media session. I understand its not for everyone so its important to weight up the Pros and Cons on a Mac or PC if you are trying to choose one. Major factors can be cost and it is a important one, Mac’s tend to me more expensive over a PC brand new but the advantages over the years you may have your Mac could be more cost effective in the long run.

Social Media Training.

Training is given on your devices and also the various tablets that can accompany a Mac or PC. These are the tools you need when using social media for your business needs. I also deal with clients who want to learn about their devices and happy to advise on basic IT information.

IT Advise

From understanding your Outlook with emails, Microsoft programs, backing up your work/content to a external hard drive or iCloud. Performing updates and software updates, cleaning up how you store information from downloading content to Data recovery if that occurs. These are some of the elements I can help with if you need my service outside of social media.