Your business through social media business pages.

Why do I need a business page?

Noticing more and more as businesses are joining up with Facebook and alike and creating a page for their business.

Though what I’m seeing is that they sign up just like we all do for anything on the internet and instead of using there real names they are creating a profile page using a business name. I understand that you may not want to be found by your name but for your business instead, but the first step is where you are unfortunately falling at by using a personal profile page as a business page.

In order to have the best possible page and to be able to use it successfully you need to have a personal page to able to help create your business page. I can help you with this process and advise you on the best way to create your business page.

If you use your personal page for your business you will start to see traffic from your friends posts on your page which then can start to look unprofessional and not drive new or existing clients/customers to you again.

It is very important to keep this separate. Facebook seems to be the main social media tool that most people do this with. I understand why, currently it is the most popular and well used by people  for personal and business and is easy to use by most people.

Beyond Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn also allow you to have a business page and personal profile, though as they are not as well used by people and also have a different perception by people it doesn’t fail like Facebook does.

To help sort out the difference or to help set up and understand your business pages on all social media tools, please get in touch. Get it right for the first step so that the work applied is not lost later on.

See my Facebook Business Page. 

More information about setting up a business page on Facebook.

Group of Business People with Social Media Concept
Group of Business People with Social Media Concept