Social Media taking over Petworth

Petworth businesses embracing Social Media.

In a recent local newspaper article, the headline said “Petworth is taking social media and Twitter by storm”. article in the Midhurst Petworth Observer 17th Aug 2013. 

Many businesses in the town were interviewed including myself on how they are using Social Media for their business and also how #Petworthhour is working for them.

#Petworthhour is Virtual Networking.

As the founder of Petworthhour I see it as a way too virtual network with people in and around the area and that you might not necessarily know about or probably might not even meet because of the nature of work you are in. Petworthhour is certainly changing this format of communication between everyone.

Each week as it grows its virtual network I am seeing plenty of craft and creative businesses that want to showcase what they do to the Petworthhour audience. During 8-9pm on Tuesday I not only see what people share on Petworthhour but also on other ‘hours’ that are coming in to play, with Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and even Chickenhour running around 8-9pm it is capturing a wide networking reach.

This is allowing people to connect with whomever they feel they can do business with or might need their services and then set up their own meeting offline.


Is virtual networking taking over – Some might say yes and that the physical meeting is dying out. I believe its an even split, virtual networking only works so far, as it can only capture your audience in 140 character that Twitter allows. Even if you send out multiple messages to target your audience and hope you can make a deal at the end of it the physical meeting is much nicer if you enjoy these sorts of events. It allows you to sell your business beyond 140 characters and also meet people in the flesh.

Having built a relationship up via twitter or any kind of social media will ultimately draw you to wanting to meet the person behind the business. The ice has been broken so the nervous first meeting should not be there.

The momentum of Petworthhour is growing now into its 4 month, I encourage and invite anyone near or far to take part and share what they do, offer and provide. We are one of only a few towns that have set up a ‘town based hour’ so if we can be in line with Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire that would be really fantastic and the only way to achieve this is through more business joining in each Tuesday night at 8pm.

Embracing Social media for your business is a positive aspect, without it you will not be able to make your connections go further, email and word of mouth only go so far, though at some point social media will be needed, so get on it sooner rather than later.

If you need help with setting up a Twitter account so that you can join in then please contact me and I can help you with this. Follow me on @HRDSocialMedia