iOS 8 Software update.

Another year has passed and we now have a new iOS 8 software update, for many the iOS 7 was great and took them the year to learn all about it, so now on to the iOS 8 software update and things have improved and changed even more. It will be another learning curve for iPhone users.

The iOS 8 software update features are really great. This time whilst the update takes place we get an ‘App’ telling us what the main changes have been and to be honest this really does and will help many users.

A quick glance through each one and you cant but help to be amazed how the features have improved and can see how they would help improve they way you will use the iPhone.

Description of the new features on the iOS 8 Software Update

1 – Quickly respond to a notification. – This feature allows you to directly respond to the message you have received without having to go into the ‘App’ you need to normally use.

2 – Now you can message someone using the speaker to record an audio message.  This could be a great feature for many users.

3 – Managing your emails. The new swipe feature allows you to flag the email on top of the ‘more’ and ‘trash’ options from before.

4 – Siri has improved; this new version can act as a way of identifying a tune wherever you are.

5 – Waiting for that important email reply then on this new feature you can tap the flag to notify you when it arrives in your inbox, rather than having to keep checking yiOS 8 Software Update.our email.

6 – The double clicking feature is still there, when you want to clear unused open ‘Apps’ but now you will see along the top your favourites you have picked from your iPhone. This enables you to get in touch with your favourite people a lot quicker.

7 – When sending messages, you would not be able to see when it was sent on the previous update and this could have been a vital piece of information to many users, but now you can check when the message was sent by dragging the bubble to the left.

8 – If you and all your family are mad about ‘App’s for various things, well this feature allows you to share your  ‘Apps’ with each other.

9 – In an age of imagery we have grown to love ‘selfies’ so the new update now gives you a timer, to continue to take those images without you having to hold the device.

These are the tips that have come with the new update, the ‘App’ will be somewhere on your home screen, worth reading through it and having a play to really understand how your iPhone have improved and how it can help you.

If you need help with your Apple handheld devices then please get in touch.

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