Social Media Adviser 6 years old.

Social Media Adviser 6 years old.

Social Media Adviser 6 years old – My small social media business is celebrating is 6th year of business. Since the start back in 2012, it was just something that started through a simply phone call about Twitter and Facebook, since then it has grown and continues too.

The Social Media business has now become very a competitive market and lots of people are working in this field. Plenty of people offer an excellent service and probably price it accordingly to what they feel they are worth.

The service I offer is based on us working together and then looking ahead on what I could provide for you.

It is often key for me to make sure that you understand the social media platforms you would like to use for your business.

Each of the platforms offer different elements and needs work in order to give you the results you require.

It is easy to just open accounts with all the different platforms and hope that the first post, tweet, video you add will bring followers to you, sadly this is not the case, instead what will happen is that nobody will see you, because you have not filled out the profiles on each account properly and also not finding the people or businesses you need to follow.

End result is that you have all these opened accounts and then soon forget the username and passwords which ultimately results in you not using the accounts for what you hoped too do.

Step in my help!

Lets sort out your username and password issue first, better to try and fix this problem before just opening new accounts with new email address, it might be a easy fix and probably get round the problem quickly but trust me, this can be a nightmare when two or more accounts are ‘Out There’ and people start to get confused which one to start liking or following. This can also drive people off what you are trying to say as the message is not reaching them.

So it is vital we fix this problem first, then move on to which social media platform works for your business. Let me know tell you about each one and then select the one or ones that would work best.

From here we move into setting up, filling out data content required, adding the correct imagery and contact details. Find friends and family to help populate your account, find businesses that you might want to keep an eye on or would like to follow. Either way you need to start finding people and business to connect with as the few you start with will make no impact on your account. The key number of certain social media platforms is 30.

If you would like social media training, then please get in touch and we can go from there.

A new line to my business which developed soon after the 1-2-1 and Group training was taking on the management of social media accounts. This is something that releases the stress or burden you might have with social media, knowing that someone who understands you and your business can help grow move it forward whilst you enjoy working at your business.

A management plan can be worked out to suit what you require. Depending on the business model, social media can work around it. This also applies to your budget and the type of content you require.

Fresh content can be gathered online, using your website is also another way to promote your business on social media and the odd fun content, brings the who package together.

This is what I can help you with when it comes to your business.

Other parts to my social media business is Apple Training, being a Mac, iPhone user now for a number of years I have learnt how they work and can help anyone who is transitioning from PC to Mac or to help set up your iPad’s/iPhones.

Step by step to get through what is required. Patience is key, if accounts have been created, passwords lost, questions and answers not matching up, it can feel like a nightmare, but one at a time, we can get through it and end up with a device that works for you and have all your notes filed so that they are accessible.

apple devices

Social media is my main like of work, but I have other facets and always happy to get an enquiry about what I could do for you. Get in touch and find out more. 07595499122 or email

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

All year is a busy time of the year for any business and your aim is to make as many sales as possible, getting customers through that shop door. It is also a time of year that people do go out of there way to buy that something special for their loved one. I couldn’t think of a better present than having someone show me something that would enhance my skill sets and improve my knowledge all at the same time. 

Social media for your business isn’t something you pick up for a while and put back down again when things get busy or when you get stuck, instead it should become a daily routine for you in promoting your business. 

Social Media Training

Training with me will help you organise what type of social media platform can suit your business needs, it maybe you need all of them, from Twitter too LinkedIn and beyond, or we can start with one and get it mastered before moving and understanding the next platform. 

It is vital that you keep on top of what you are posting and tweeting about, telling people all about your business that you couldn’t possible reach from just being at your desk. 

We go through a step by step guide on how each platform works and what the benefits are from each social media platform. 

It is easy to say that its not for you and its a fad, but social media is here to stay and will get more and more intense as platforms progress. 

What you may think is a silly question and worried about asking it, isn’t a problem for me, I want to advise and help you so that you don’t run into problems with your social media or even your device that you use to run your platforms from. 

My approach is friendly and my mission is simple. ‘Don’t get left behind with SOCIAL MEDIA’ its a tool you cannot do without for your business.

So whether its a Christmas present or any other special occasion for you, why not ask for Social media training. Gift for life!.

We provide social media training for 1-2-1 or small groups and we also offer outsourced services or social media management services, so call 01798 342188 or fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.


Social Media to Promote Events.

Using Social Media to Promote Events

The power of social media is proving well in the town of Petworth, through Twitter and Facebook businesses have come together to promote events that are being held by the town or by the individual businesses.

Latest Event in Petworth

In the next few weeks Petworth is holding its second Petworth Food and Wine Festival, the popularity of it from last year has proved that it certainly works for the town.

This year the town has been able to broadcast to craft makers and potential stall holders through social media. Using twitter over #Petworthhour allowed the organisers to seek out who could benefit from the food and wine festival.

Inviting Businesses

Posting a tweet about wanting to join the festival allowed many people to decided if they wanted to join in or not but also to ask others who could take the spot if they couldn’t attend. This level of broadcasting helped to collect stallholder’s quiet quickly to fill the space in the Leconfield Hall, situated in the heart of Petworth.

Promoting the Event.

The hash tag #Petworthfoodandwine is being used too help promote the event to all who follow Petworth Biz on twitter, beyond this account plenty of businesses in Petworth including myself have been promoting the event to encourage as many people to come into our town and enjoy the weekend.

The Petworth Food and Wine festival is on over the weekend of 21st-22nd Sept.

Look out for plenty of social media promotion from the organisers, businesses in Petworth and also the stallholders. 

Combination of Petworthhour and my training given to many of the Petworth businesses, using social media is certainly proving well in order to promote this event.

If we can get as many businesses as possible over the weekend to tweet about how the Petworth Food and Wine Festival is going, we can have a great outreach to many Twitter accounts seeking the event out.

Training Help.

If you are someone who needs help/advise before this event on how best to promote your stall to everyone and also over the weekend, please contact me and we can have a short training session which will allow you to capture everything in an instant. Twitter for your business.

Smart Phones.

The best way to promote yourself over the weekend is using a smartphone or tablet, its quick and easy and will save you plenty of time. If this is something you need training on please contact me and we can run through how you can achieve this. Handheld Devices Training.

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Follow HRDSocialMedia on Twitter.

See more on Facebook Petworth Business Association. 

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iOS 8 Software Update.

iOS 8 Software update.

Another year has passed and we now have a new iOS 8 software update, for many the iOS 7 was great and took them the year to learn all about it, so now on to the iOS 8 software update and things have improved and changed even more. It will be another learning curve for iPhone users.

The iOS 8 software update features are really great. This time whilst the update takes place we get an ‘App’ telling us what the main changes have been and to be honest this really does and will help many users.

A quick glance through each one and you cant but help to be amazed how the features have improved and can see how they would help improve they way you will use the iPhone.

Description of the new features on the iOS 8 Software Update

1 – Quickly respond to a notification. – This feature allows you to directly respond to the message you have received without having to go into the ‘App’ you need to normally use.

2 – Now you can message someone using the speaker to record an audio message.  This could be a great feature for many users.

3 – Managing your emails. The new swipe feature allows you to flag the email on top of the ‘more’ and ‘trash’ options from before.

4 – Siri has improved; this new version can act as a way of identifying a tune wherever you are.

5 – Waiting for that important email reply then on this new feature you can tap the flag to notify you when it arrives in your inbox, rather than having to keep checking yiOS 8 Software Update.our email.

6 – The double clicking feature is still there, when you want to clear unused open ‘Apps’ but now you will see along the top your favourites you have picked from your iPhone. This enables you to get in touch with your favourite people a lot quicker.

7 – When sending messages, you would not be able to see when it was sent on the previous update and this could have been a vital piece of information to many users, but now you can check when the message was sent by dragging the bubble to the left.

8 – If you and all your family are mad about ‘App’s for various things, well this feature allows you to share your  ‘Apps’ with each other.

9 – In an age of imagery we have grown to love ‘selfies’ so the new update now gives you a timer, to continue to take those images without you having to hold the device.

These are the tips that have come with the new update, the ‘App’ will be somewhere on your home screen, worth reading through it and having a play to really understand how your iPhone have improved and how it can help you.

If you need help with your Apple handheld devices then please get in touch.

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Social media on iOS 7

The new iOS 7 update.

We are now using the new iOS 7 update if you have gone through the software update.

Some tips to help you on your way if you still are waiting to update.

1. Connect your device to the power supply as it will drain your battery if you do it free standing.

2. Make sure you are using Wifi when downloading the new iOS 7 software. It can take between 45mins to an hour and it won’t work sufficiently if you don’t use Wifi. This is a big change to your apple device so it needs time. Your device cannot be used during it so do it when you don’t need it for that length of time.

3. Once ready, the look of it has really changed so start to play around with your apps, plenty of updates to them so you need the time to see what has changed in the new iOS 7 update.

New control centre has been introduced and this is worth looking at. Closing opened “Apps” has also changed, the function is swipe rather than tapping on the cross.

If you are struggling with the new update and just want some tips to help navigate around the new upgrade then please get in touch.

I can help you understand it and show you how it all works. Social Media on iOS 7 will be simpler to understand once you have learnt how it all works. 

If you need advise on how to use your devices please contact us. Training given on iPads , iPhones and other tablets. 


Using your Smart Phone for Social Media.

iOS and Android phones for Personal and Social Media use.

Dealing with Issues about your smart phone.

I have noticed during my time with clients that they struggle to use their smart phones beyond what they only know or have been told to do from the shop they brought it from, they seem to pay for a device that doesn’t get used to its fullest capabilities.

Recently I have started offering a service whereby I can help you understand your smart phone. I have dealt with both types iOS and Android devices. Samsung, LG and iPhone.

Working along side the client we have restored phone back to factor settings once connected to a Laptop or PC, which allows it to back up any information that maybe on it at that time. This helps the phone to work even better for you, allowing space for new apps, music photos or any documents you may want to use on your phone.

Starting to use a phone from new is also a service I have dealt with, from the stages of inserting the sim card to understanding the operations of the phone. Providing the clients access to their personal emails and also moving froward to Social media.

I have been told many times by my clients that not using their smart phone correctly is the ‘first hurdle they fall at’, well that doesn’t need to happen anymore, I can help solve these issues and get you to understand all the capabilities of your phone.

I myself am an iPhone user and find many clients are also Apple product people, I love the intuitive design and layout of the phone and also understand how powerful it truly is when in perfect operation.



Using your Smart Phone for Social Media.

After understanding your smart phone, the next stage is applying it to understanding how it can be used for social media, this ultimately can make your business needs speed up. To be able to capture an image in an instant using your smart phone for social media is a time saver.  Learn all about your device through my guidance. Twitter on your smart phone

How to use your smart phone.

Learn about software updates, these are not to be ignored, they need to be updated every so often on all devices to get it working correctly for you.

Learn how to move photos sent to you from a message.

Downloading Apps

Setting up and accessing emails

Using Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest. 



Why I’m a Mac User from being a PC user

The debate about one over the other. What are your thoughts and how well do you know your Mac or PC.

I, like most people have always used a PC, since getting to grips with modern day technology, I started to use and understanding all the Microsoft programs that go along with a PC and also the design programs that also operate on a PC, like AutoCAD, but in the last few years I have been learning all about how to use a Mac Book and other Apple devices and I have to say that there is so much to learn if you want to get the best out of your device. Using these new applications in Social media has been very easy for me, Apple devices really work well with Twitter, Facebook and alike, the ‘Apps’ from iTunes are intuitive and easy to install, having the Mac Book just enhances all of this together seemlessly I truly believe that!


social media Apple resize

“Once you go Mac you don’t go back”

From the moment you open your new Mac Book or Apple device you are in love, its Apple’s way of making it look sexy, well it certainly does do that. Depending on when you get your devices, it will feel like Christmas each time.

Beyond the appeal of the product you have to start understanding how a Mac works, the commands are different which at first can be frustrating and also not knowing how to bring up symbols that are not apparent, e.g. a  hashtag when using it for Twitter. Most people are use to using a mouse when operating a PC, with a Mac its best not too, the touch pad is all you need, but again it take some time to understand it as it works based on how many fingers you use to move around the screen.

I do miss my old PC from the ease of how I know it works from my many years of using it and still work with them when meeting with clients during our social media session. I understand its not for everyone so its important to weight up the Pros and Cons on a Mac or PC if you are trying to choose one. Major factors can be cost and it is a important one, Mac’s tend to me more expensive over a PC brand new but the advantages over the years you may have your Mac could be more cost effective in the long run.

Social Media Training.

Training is given on your devices and also the various tablets that can accompany a Mac or PC. These are the tools you need when using social media for your business needs. I also deal with clients who want to learn about their devices and happy to advise on basic IT information.

IT Advise

From understanding your Outlook with emails, Microsoft programs, backing up your work/content to a external hard drive or iCloud. Performing updates and software updates, cleaning up how you store information from downloading content to Data recovery if that occurs. These are some of the elements I can help with if you need my service outside of social media.