The new iOS 7 update.

We are now using the new iOS 7 update if you have gone through the software update.

Some tips to help you on your way if you still are waiting to update.

1. Connect your device to the power supply as it will drain your battery if you do it free standing.

2. Make sure you are using Wifi when downloading the new iOS 7 software. It can take between 45mins to an hour and it won’t work sufficiently if you don’t use Wifi. This is a big change to your apple device so it needs time. Your device cannot be used during it so do it when you don’t need it for that length of time.

3. Once ready, the look of it has really changed so start to play around with your apps, plenty of updates to them so you need the time to see what has changed in the new iOS 7 update.

New control centre has been introduced and this is worth looking at. Closing opened “Apps” has also changed, the function is swipe rather than tapping on the cross.

If you are struggling with the new update and just want some tips to help navigate around the new upgrade then please get in touch.

I can help you understand it and show you how it all works. Social Media on iOS 7 will be simpler to understand once you have learnt how it all works. 

If you need advise on how to use your devices please contact us. Training given on iPads , iPhones and other tablets.