Social Media Branding

 Now that you are using the various social media platforms it is important to keep them looking sharp. Focusing in on the overall look of how they all look when someone new or existing visits each of your social media platforms.

It’s a great way to keep your audience attention on your page so give it the attention it needs to keep people wanting to know more about your business brand.

Logos on your profiles should be consisted with each other, along with the banner image.

Mixing it all up can become confusing to the end user and show that you are not professional on each of your social media platforms.

This does mean that time is needed need on each social media platform, but once it has been set up it can look good and drive business to your pages.

Knowing that each platform has certain set sizes to create your brand, spend time in working out the dimensions needed in order to have the best looking image at the end.

Blurred pictures or logos that cannot be seen on phones will drive people away from your page, using personal images also wont do you any favours, people want to recognize you through your brand logo and it is vital that it looks good.

We associate logos with large companies and they have a team of people to get it right for them, but the with tools you have you can also have the same outcome.

It is a shame that not all social media platforms use the same size when creating your page layout, hence why when you do get round to creating it, some can look distorted when setting up pages in a rush, take your time and get it right before publishing your business page for all to see.

The set up sizes for each social media platform is shown online and can be easily worked out when using a image formatting program.

Along with the brand logo, use language across each platform that is also consisted, website information, contact details, location, whatever you need to get people to you.

Using these methods of branding will ultimately help drive business to you and keep your brand looking healthy and strong each time people visit your social media platforms.

If you need help in creating your brand logos, please let me know as I can help size your logos and banners to the appropriate size required. Contact me via 01798 342188 or email