Top tips for Twitter

Still unsure about Twitter? Let us change your mind or to help you move forward with how it can help you and your business.

Know your Audience.

Don’t fret about getting as many followers as possible but to focus on getting the right kind of followers.

If someone has a large following and they Re-tweet you, there is some value to that, or if someone has the right person following them but they don’t have a large following, that can also all help getting your tweet reached even further. It is about connecting with the right kind of person or business that will get your Tweet seen, it not always about the numbers.

Starting out.

Make lists of the right kind of people or businesses you want to follow and also folks you want to follow back. Get them to engage with you and start to care about you and your business, make that relationship work for you.

Keep is simple.

Don’t always use all the characters up in Twitter, allow for ‘Quote ‘ back in your conversation. Try not to cram everything in on that one composed tweet, give a snap shot of what you are trying to say to allow people to engage with what you are talking about, this way you will get people wanting to ask more about what you are saying as this creates engagement with your tweet.

Others will see your conversation and can join in if they choose too, allowing for further interaction with your tweet.

If you have many subjects you want to talk about then compose these on your next set of tweets.

The responses are valuable and could create a possible business connection, which is what you want to do when boosting your business.

Keeping business separate from pleasure.

Its always easy to start chatting about personal information about you if you choose too, though to much on your business account can divert people away from you, if you want to be personal on twitter then create a separate account for this. Your engagement ideally should be business based with a professional tone.

Online when you are.

About 10% of the people that you follow are online at that time, so the chance of you being ReTweeted then could be valuable to you, note when people are on, so you can try to engage with them at that time. It maybe people you want to engage with are not tweeting at your time so find suitable scheduling platforms to cover all your basis. This will allow you to engage with someone you want to connect with and plan on replying back to him or her as soon as possible to keep the tweet very active for you.

Using emoticons or special characters.

In a business tweet using these symbols is a reflection of your business, it is acceptable to use abbreviation and special characters, but make sure that they make you look like a professional. Keep in mind that not all mobile devices show up every symbol and could just look like a blank box character where the symbol was suppose to be, think to who you are composing your tweet too and how it will be seen on there mobile device. Try not to over use them as it could send out the wrong message to that person and you potential can lose their engagement with your tweet.

Providing links on your tweets.

To drive people and businesses to other social media platforms you use for your business it is vital to add those URL links into your composed tweet. It will take characters off the 140, but you can use Short links to reduce the characters lost which will allow you to still get your message across.
Links to your website is crucial as it will help with SEO (Search Engine Optimizations). For example – If you have blogged about something and want to share it with everyone, then using Twitter will help drive people to your blog using your link, it is a great way for people and businesses to see what you have blogged about and a way of them noticing your website.
The same can apply to other social media platforms if you don’t have your website set up as yet.

With these tips, you can have a successful Twitter account for your business. If you need further advise or want training 1-2-1 then please contact me via the contact us tab.