Online Virtual Networking.

In this past two years we have since, a rise in online virtual networking hours on Twitter. It has become hugely popular for so many businesses to grow their network in and around wherever their business is located.  The start of #Sussexhour promoted the county with the large number of businesses it has. From here the idea of creating smaller networking hours was born.


People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts
People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts


Seeing how Sussexhour worked it showed that smaller towns could benefit in the similar way. In May 2013 #Petworthhour was launched encouraging as many businesses to join in on the hour networking which is held every Tuesday between 8-9pm. Starting off with only a few businesses,  the momentum grew and has now got to a point that we find businesses automatically tweet with businesses on Petworthhour due to its longevity.

Monitoring the numbers each night using Tweetreach showed who was joining in and how much of an impact it has on the hour. At the start the accounts reach would be between 3000-5000 accounts, now we see numbers reaching between 12000 to 25000 which is great for a small town in West Sussex.

The news about Petworthhour has spread far and wide which is only a good thing as it certainly promotes this wonderful town full of Antique shops and the various different types of retailers including the restaurants, tea rooms and pubs. Beyond all the shops it highlights the businesses from home which benefit from Petworthhour a great deal, its an opportunity for those businesses to network with others as they do not have shop fronts. To find out more about all the various Businesses in and around the Petworth area please visit Discover Petworth. My profile page is in the Petworth Directory.

In August 2013, Petworthhour took centre stage in a full page write up by the local paper, they saw how Petworthhour and twitter in general was highlighting Petworth to the rest of the community.

Twitter has become one of the fastest ways to communicate with others, its proving be be popular all across all ages for various reasons. These online virtual networking hours can fill your Twitter Feed if you are following them and in turn makes you want to be encouraged in tweeting with all of them to help grow your business even further.

Join us every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm on @Petworthhr using the hashtag #Petworthhour, we look forward to seeing new businesses using online virutal networking hour too grow and share content between us all.  Spread the word!.

Twitter Training.

If you want help on how to use twitter for your business and then see how #Petworthhour or any of the other online virtual networking hours can work for you, then please get in touch as I can provide you with 1-2-1 training for your business.

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Link to the article in the Midhurst-Petworth Observer.