Twitter for Garden Centre customers.

Engaging with Customers.

In the past couple of years I had been working and aiding a well know garden Centre chain near Chichester about how to use social media to enhance their business needs.

Selecting Twitter as the chosen social media tool, the mission was to get the customers of the Garden Centre to engage with Twitter, using QR codes around the shop and outside area helped people to connect with the Garden Centre website, beyond this though the Centre wanted to attract various levels of cliental to use their services.

Twitter Broadcasting.

Targeting parent groups, landscapers, and Charity organisers, events people allowed us to showcase the Garden Centre as a place to be at anytime of the day.

Having parents groups meeting up using the café, as a place to dine and chat with others became a central hub for many parents.

For Landscapers it allowed them to see what is on offer at the moment, or about new product lines. Turf became a popular twitter feed for people as many were wanting it, but found it was sold out when they got to a place, this way the Centre was able to hold turf rolls for customers based on their request via twitter.

When having events in-store or after hours again allowed the Centre to broadcast the event along with an image to a greater audience, rather than not using social media.

The in-house talks have always proved to be popular because of the speaker or the content of the talk, though with a little extra push using Twitter the Centre was able to gain more customers to the talk.

As each season comes and goes, social media plays an active role when trying to gain customers through the door of the Centre.

Twitter Content for Customers.

In the winter informing customers about the need of Bird Food, Hedging and Rock Salt is important, as these are items people rely on beyond what they can do in the garden.

Spring is when the garden blooms, offers on all the containers plants, compost and how it all works together is great information for customers.

Summer is when you can work on cleaning up your hard landscaped surfaces, support systems for climbers, water butts and possibly treat your family to new garden furniture and enjoy BBQ season with the various types of grills on offer.

Autumn is when you can plant your fruit trees, hedging, autumn/winter containers. This allows the customer to enjoy the last few months of the garden before the winter and offers would certainly draw people in.

All of this information can be put out in 140 characters with or without an image and bring customers to your Centre.

Social media training can be applied to any type of business, knowing what you do best and then using Social Media can only enhance it even further.

For training in small groups or 1-2-1 please contact me.