Using Twitter used as an Aid.

Earlier in the year, the town of Petworth was held up due to bad weather conditions and because of poor phone signal in the town, many drivers used Social media to get them moving around the area and also to help find what would be the best routes to use in order to get home safely.

How this happened.

Hearing via twitter that many drivers are stuck on major and minor routes between Guildford to Chichester, caused many tweeters to ask local radio stations about updates. Reports of updates were coming out but because of the extreme volume of requests it was hard to respond to each request.

Scrolling through twitter and seeing people asking for help kicked started off virtual help to drivers, whether they were stranded and told were they could go too that was safe or to give road updates to drivers to find the best route to get them home.

Residents in Petworth came out with hot teas and toast to keep people motivated and warm and giving updated information that was coming through via twitter.

Twitter certainly proved to be the best possible social media tool to help people out in a crisis situation. Many new twitter relationships were made and plenty of thanks to all who took it upon themselves to bring drivers home safely.  A minute-by-minute tweet really did help.

I reckon that if this sort of weather impacts our town and area again, twitter as a aid will be the first mode of communication between people. More users are on it and see it for all the great functions Twitter has. Beyond using it for Business it can help assist in crisis situations.

If you want to learn more about Twitter and how it can be used for your business then please contact me and I can give you 1-2-1 lessons at great rates to get you started.