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Top 5 tips to make your Facebook Business Page work

Top 5 tips to make your Facebook Business page work

Do you have your Facebook Business set up, if not why not? Not sure how then let us help you with our social media training.

If you do have a Facebook Business Page are you using it correctly?

Tip #1 – Local Business

If your business page has been set up at a Local Business you will be able to collect reviews/testimonial from people. This is a great way to get people to say what they think about your service/business. You can also reply to reviews which is good to do when you receive them.

Tip #2 – Engaging with your audience

Your likes have come from individual people, who are potential clients, new clients and former clients, so giving them good information about your business will keep them on your page and for them to interact with you. Your post should attract them to interact with you. So give them the type of information that you would like to receive if the shoe was on the other foot!

Tip #3 – Ask questions on your Facebook business page

Carry out a survey and see what your audience will respond back with. Depending on the type of business you are, you could ask one or more questions, this just depends on what sort of outcome you require. Monitor what people are saying during the question being interacted with. Give a deadline on when the question comes to a close so that you can give results back to everyone who engaged with you on your question.

Tip #4 – ‘Apps ‘ from other social media platforms.

Building out your page is great with photos, reviews and showing off your likes. It is also good to see ‘apps’ from your other social media sites built into your page. Connect to other platforms that you have signed up too and when people are on your business page they can also find your other social media accounts.

Tip #5 – B2B connection

Beyond engaging with all the people that like your page, engage with your business connections B2B. When positing a update, it is useful to tag in a business or two, it works if you want your message to go out even further, it can help them interact with you and their audience. Also anything they post, share it back on your page, this will inform them that you have done so and will encourage them to do the same for status updates too.

If you find that you do not have the time or confidence to do our social media, come to us for social media training or outsource your social media to us, experts in social media; freeing up your valuable time so that you concentrate on doing what you do best.

Call us on 07595499122  or fill in our enquiry page form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible; with 24 hours!

SocialMedia training

Promote your Business using Social Media

Using Social Media to promote your business.

Businesses are familiar with the conventional wisdom about making first impression count but are you making the most out of the opportunity.

An owner of a business will use various ideas in keeping their business image intact and focus on new networking skills with potential new customers.

Top tips on how to promote using Social media for your business.

Tip #1: Have a better website – businesses rely on the Internet to connect with other businesses. Having a good website can be a real asset for you, it will drive customers to you, a bad one will turn them off and not want to spend any money with you. Have your website easy to navigate and informative so people can find exactly what they are looking for. This will keep them on your website and ideally make some orders with you.

Tip #2: Use the social media platforms that are available for your business, so many that you can chose from and having a few key platforms can help establish your business online.

Tip #3: A Facebook business page can provide customers with lots of information about what you do, where you are and give them some history about your business.

Tip #4: Twitter would allow you to share special promotions and events to all your followers.

Tip #5: Social media can be used to gain customer feedback, which can be used to ensure you are meeting with your customers needs. A business that actively engages with their customers is more likely to have a positive image than one that does not. Social media is the tool businesses can use with customers.

Tip #6: Social media is here to stay; it is becoming the fastest way to communicate with each other. Understanding it and learning how to use it for your business is key. The platforms allow you to gain insight in how it works for you in conjunction with your website.

Posting information on your Social Media Platforms.

People look on social media platforms for all sorts of things, so if your page is active and updated often then you will see engagement on your page.

Give useful information to your potential new customers, they have come onto your page either by searching for you or through a recommendation and in order to gain a new follower or ‘like’ give them some reason do to this. Make them feel valued. Special offers, promotions, tips, vouchers are some ideas on how you can track how your campaign is going.

Tip #7: Brand Consistency

Have all your branding consistent across all social media platforms and also on your website. Together they will broadcast whatever your feature is and give you a bigger presence overall.

Tip #8: Engage with your community.

Beyond just posting information actively, engage with your customers. Encourage them to share ideas with you, take on board their views and reply with a positive attitude. Blogging about your service, products offers is another way of engaging with your customers, replies to comments should be addressed to continue the active engagement.

Social Media Training.

All this is to ultimately help you improve your online presence. Remember first impressions really do matter so start off well and the rest will follow.

I can provide social media training, to help grow your business.

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Online Virtual Networking

Online Virtual Networking.

In this past two years we have since, a rise in online virtual networking hours on Twitter. It has become hugely popular for so many businesses to grow their network in and around wherever their business is located.  The start of #Sussexhour promoted the county with the large number of businesses it has. From here the idea of creating smaller networking hours was born.


People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts
People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts


Seeing how Sussexhour worked it showed that smaller towns could benefit in the similar way. In May 2013 #Petworthhour was launched encouraging as many businesses to join in on the hour networking which is held every Tuesday between 8-9pm. Starting off with only a few businesses,  the momentum grew and has now got to a point that we find businesses automatically tweet with businesses on Petworthhour due to its longevity.

Monitoring the numbers each night using Tweetreach showed who was joining in and how much of an impact it has on the hour. At the start the accounts reach would be between 3000-5000 accounts, now we see numbers reaching between 12000 to 25000 which is great for a small town in West Sussex.

The news about Petworthhour has spread far and wide which is only a good thing as it certainly promotes this wonderful town full of Antique shops and the various different types of retailers including the restaurants, tea rooms and pubs. Beyond all the shops it highlights the businesses from home which benefit from Petworthhour a great deal, its an opportunity for those businesses to network with others as they do not have shop fronts. To find out more about all the various Businesses in and around the Petworth area please visit Discover Petworth. My profile page is in the Petworth Directory.

In August 2013, Petworthhour took centre stage in a full page write up by the local paper, they saw how Petworthhour and twitter in general was highlighting Petworth to the rest of the community.

Twitter has become one of the fastest ways to communicate with others, its proving be be popular all across all ages for various reasons. These online virtual networking hours can fill your Twitter Feed if you are following them and in turn makes you want to be encouraged in tweeting with all of them to help grow your business even further.

Join us every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm on @Petworthhr using the hashtag #Petworthhour, we look forward to seeing new businesses using online virutal networking hour too grow and share content between us all.  Spread the word!.

Twitter Training.

If you want help on how to use twitter for your business and then see how #Petworthhour or any of the other online virtual networking hours can work for you, then please get in touch as I can provide you with 1-2-1 training for your business.

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Link to the article in the Midhurst-Petworth Observer. 


Google Plus Tips

Google Plus Tips

Are you using Google Plus? Not sure why it’s not working for you?  

Google Plus TipsThen these Google Plus Tips might help build your engagement and get your profile viewed.

Tip #1: When posting include photos and videos, Google plus works with YouTube, it will also makes your posts more interesting and visually appealing.

Tip #2: Don’t over load your posts. Keep it simple so that your message is read and taking in by the reader.

Tip #3: In your post insert an asterisks around the word/words you would like Google to pick up in your title tag. Your post will rank in search results.

Tip #4: Always check your posts to make sure there are no errors, spell check using Google plus automatic spell checker.

Tip #5: Choose who you want to share your post with. Public will be automatic, but you may want to be more specific with who you want to target.

Tip #6: If you are want to alert someone, then tag them into your post, using the @.

Tip #7: In Google plus you can use Hash tags #, don’t go over the top, about 2-3 is enough. Google will auto-populate the hash tags before you post. Check if your hash tag is treading and worth hash tagging.

Tip #8: If you are going to add a link into your post, make sure that the thumbnail is relevant to the post, this will make your post more appealing to the readers.

Tip #9: If what you have written is important and needs repeating over, then it is worth re-wording the post information so that your followers who do see it again are not put off with the repetition of the post.

Tip #10: Think about the time of day you are posting, it is important to see how many + 1’s you are receiving on previous posts and this will give you an indication when is a good time of day. Consider beyond your home country if you want to target people around the globe.

Tip #11:  just post your link; give your readers some sort of excerpt or quote of your post. Even if they don’t open it at that time they can return to it later knowing they have had some sample of what to expect.

Tip #12: Ask questions to your followers, it keeps them engaged and you can give more from a conversation than just keep posting.

Tip #13: It is important that any comments left on your post as replied too, it shows that you are a real person and willing to engage with your readers.

Tip #14: Post on other peoples posts. The more you interact with them the more likely they will interact with you.

Tip #15: Grow your circles, you can create them how you like, so make it work for you, if you are targeting a certain group, let them know that. Important to have all the various groups so you know who will get your posts.

There is still more to learn beyond these 15 Google Plus Tips, but this is to give you an example of how you can start to build your profile.

Google Plus is important to understand and to use for your business, it is fast becoming the social media platform to use. Once you understand how it works and these google plus tips will help, the rest will become clearer. It is a powerful tool and will certainly draw business to you.

For training with Google Plus contact me on 07595499122 or fill in our enquiry form.

We can go through each one of these Google Plus Tips if you are unsure of anything within our social media training or we can manage your social media for you.


Visit my Google Plus business page for more information.


Twitter tips

Twitter Tips

Top tips on growing your Twitter Followers

Top tip #1: Engage in conversation.

Engagement is a crucial part of growing your following. In order to achieve this, do not be afraid to respond to someone’s question on Twitter. Most users like to have engagement with new users as it is a great way too gain a possible new follower and even maybe to get some business out of it, if it is a business related response. Take the plunge and reach out to Twitter users who you have been meaning to connect with and also with users that you admire and want to say hello too.

Top tip #2: Posting only links!

Many users connect there social media platforms together, in particular Facebook to Twitter so that they cover both platforms. What they don’t see is that every time they post pictures on Facebook personal or businesses related it sends out a link saying ‘I posted a new photo on Facebook’ which is ok for a couple of images, but not fill up your Twitter feed with this information, It will turn followers to unfollow you as it will show no engagement on your account. Be aware of this on your Twitter feed and maybe consider deleting tweets after you have posted on Facebook. Follow me in Facebook 

Top tip #3: Following back

What is the etiquette of following users that follow you and how to respond to them. Well you don’t have to follow back every person that follows you, they have their reason to follow you and you have yours. If you want to engage with certain types of users, then that’s who you will follow and to continually engage with them. It is good to respond to users who follow you with a Thanks of some kind, is shows that you have appreciated their following and also it might be someone who you would want to follow.

Top tip #4: Twitter Networking

Twitter Networking has really taking off, people and businesses see the powers of using ‘Networking Hours’, so many of them on each day that you can’t help to either join in or consider running one yourself. The hours can connect you with businesses all over your area and beyond, if you want to make a connection further from your remit then consider using the hours as a way to connect with others this way, its very informal and can really help your business depending on how to engage with others. #Petworthhour @Petworthhr has been running for nearly a year and it is on every Tuesday at 8pm, more recently as other ‘hours’ have come on board around this time, it has boosted the engagement on #Petworthhour, we see numbers of nearly 20-30K accounts reached, which is amazing for the size of town Petworth is and also the types of users that interact on #Petworthhour.  

If you want more information about how to use Twitter or any other social media platforms, then please call 01798 342188 or 07595499122. We provide 1-2-1 or small group training with you or via FaceTime or Skype depending on your location.



Social Media Sussex

Using Social Media to promote your business

The day has come when businesses are actively promoting their own business and events around the town that will impact their business today and hopefully for the future.

Saturday 7th December is also Small Business Saturday UK, showing support to all those small businesses up and down the country.

Here today in Petworth we are expecting a large number of people to visit the town and show their support to all our small independent retailers. We will be having christmas carols, late night shopping, father christmas grotto and the all important Christmas lights switch on. The town will be alive and thriving.

Many residents are aware of this event today, through the large number of signs around the town and posters in shop windows, but the biggest way to broadcast the Petworth town christmas lights switch on, has to be through Social media, we are all tweeting, posting, connecting to each other around the town to help boost the presences of the Petworth to everyone who could and would like to visit Petworth at some point today.  

Using the Hashtags, #Petworthlights and #Latenightshopping is working well. Encouraging businesses to use these two hashtags allows us to see how far the tweets are reaching and it give us some way of knowing who is interacting with Twitter. Between Dec 3rd and Dec 7th morning we are reaching over 10K accounts. #Latenightshopping has a much broader reach due to the key word that it is, but we are noticing tweets with many of the Petworth businesses. 

Social media is always going to have positives and negatives, but when you can use it to boost your town presences and ultimately draw crowds to you, it is surely a positive. Using your social media accounts to promote your business is something I can train you in,  or  I can manage this for you.

Social Media Sussex offers social media training and social media managed services which will help your business grow and reach new audiences.

Call me on 01798 342188 or fill out my enquiry form.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

All year is a busy time of the year for any business and your aim is to make as many sales as possible, getting customers through that shop door. It is also a time of year that people do go out of there way to buy that something special for their loved one. I couldn’t think of a better present than having someone show me something that would enhance my skill sets and improve my knowledge all at the same time. 

Social media for your business isn’t something you pick up for a while and put back down again when things get busy or when you get stuck, instead it should become a daily routine for you in promoting your business. 

Social Media Training

Training with me will help you organise what type of social media platform can suit your business needs, it maybe you need all of them, from Twitter too LinkedIn and beyond, or we can start with one and get it mastered before moving and understanding the next platform. 

It is vital that you keep on top of what you are posting and tweeting about, telling people all about your business that you couldn’t possible reach from just being at your desk. 

We go through a step by step guide on how each platform works and what the benefits are from each social media platform. 

It is easy to say that its not for you and its a fad, but social media is here to stay and will get more and more intense as platforms progress. 

What you may think is a silly question and worried about asking it, isn’t a problem for me, I want to advise and help you so that you don’t run into problems with your social media or even your device that you use to run your platforms from. 

My approach is friendly and my mission is simple. ‘Don’t get left behind with SOCIAL MEDIA’ its a tool you cannot do without for your business.

So whether its a Christmas present or any other special occasion for you, why not ask for Social media training. Gift for life!.

We provide social media training for 1-2-1 or small groups and we also offer outsourced services or social media management services, so call 01798 342188 or fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.


Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

 Now that you are using the various social media platforms it is important to keep them looking sharp. Focusing in on the overall look of how they all look when someone new or existing visits each of your social media platforms.

It’s a great way to keep your audience attention on your page so give it the attention it needs to keep people wanting to know more about your business brand.

Logos on your profiles should be consisted with each other, along with the banner image.

Mixing it all up can become confusing to the end user and show that you are not professional on each of your social media platforms.

This does mean that time is needed need on each social media platform, but once it has been set up it can look good and drive business to your pages.

Knowing that each platform has certain set sizes to create your brand, spend time in working out the dimensions needed in order to have the best looking image at the end.

Blurred pictures or logos that cannot be seen on phones will drive people away from your page, using personal images also wont do you any favours, people want to recognize you through your brand logo and it is vital that it looks good.

We associate logos with large companies and they have a team of people to get it right for them, but the with tools you have you can also have the same outcome.

It is a shame that not all social media platforms use the same size when creating your page layout, hence why when you do get round to creating it, some can look distorted when setting up pages in a rush, take your time and get it right before publishing your business page for all to see.

The set up sizes for each social media platform is shown online and can be easily worked out when using a image formatting program.

Along with the brand logo, use language across each platform that is also consisted, website information, contact details, location, whatever you need to get people to you.

Using these methods of branding will ultimately help drive business to you and keep your brand looking healthy and strong each time people visit your social media platforms.

If you need help in creating your brand logos, please let me know as I can help size your logos and banners to the appropriate size required. Contact me via 01798 342188 or email


Still unsure about Twitter

Top tips for Twitter

Still unsure about Twitter? Let us change your mind or to help you move forward with how it can help you and your business.

Know your Audience.

Don’t fret about getting as many followers as possible but to focus on getting the right kind of followers.

If someone has a large following and they Re-tweet you, there is some value to that, or if someone has the right person following them but they don’t have a large following, that can also all help getting your tweet reached even further. It is about connecting with the right kind of person or business that will get your Tweet seen, it not always about the numbers.

Starting out.

Make lists of the right kind of people or businesses you want to follow and also folks you want to follow back. Get them to engage with you and start to care about you and your business, make that relationship work for you.

Keep is simple.

Don’t always use all the characters up in Twitter, allow for ‘Quote ‘ back in your conversation. Try not to cram everything in on that one composed tweet, give a snap shot of what you are trying to say to allow people to engage with what you are talking about, this way you will get people wanting to ask more about what you are saying as this creates engagement with your tweet.

Others will see your conversation and can join in if they choose too, allowing for further interaction with your tweet.

If you have many subjects you want to talk about then compose these on your next set of tweets.

The responses are valuable and could create a possible business connection, which is what you want to do when boosting your business.

Keeping business separate from pleasure.

Its always easy to start chatting about personal information about you if you choose too, though to much on your business account can divert people away from you, if you want to be personal on twitter then create a separate account for this. Your engagement ideally should be business based with a professional tone.

Online when you are.

About 10% of the people that you follow are online at that time, so the chance of you being ReTweeted then could be valuable to you, note when people are on, so you can try to engage with them at that time. It maybe people you want to engage with are not tweeting at your time so find suitable scheduling platforms to cover all your basis. This will allow you to engage with someone you want to connect with and plan on replying back to him or her as soon as possible to keep the tweet very active for you.

Using emoticons or special characters.

In a business tweet using these symbols is a reflection of your business, it is acceptable to use abbreviation and special characters, but make sure that they make you look like a professional. Keep in mind that not all mobile devices show up every symbol and could just look like a blank box character where the symbol was suppose to be, think to who you are composing your tweet too and how it will be seen on there mobile device. Try not to over use them as it could send out the wrong message to that person and you potential can lose their engagement with your tweet.

Providing links on your tweets.

To drive people and businesses to other social media platforms you use for your business it is vital to add those URL links into your composed tweet. It will take characters off the 140, but you can use Short links to reduce the characters lost which will allow you to still get your message across.
Links to your website is crucial as it will help with SEO (Search Engine Optimizations). For example – If you have blogged about something and want to share it with everyone, then using Twitter will help drive people to your blog using your link, it is a great way for people and businesses to see what you have blogged about and a way of them noticing your website.
The same can apply to other social media platforms if you don’t have your website set up as yet.

With these tips, you can have a successful Twitter account for your business. If you need further advise or want training 1-2-1 then please contact me via the contact us tab.


Social Media to Promote Events.

Using Social Media to Promote Events

The power of social media is proving well in the town of Petworth, through Twitter and Facebook businesses have come together to promote events that are being held by the town or by the individual businesses.

Latest Event in Petworth

In the next few weeks Petworth is holding its second Petworth Food and Wine Festival, the popularity of it from last year has proved that it certainly works for the town.

This year the town has been able to broadcast to craft makers and potential stall holders through social media. Using twitter over #Petworthhour allowed the organisers to seek out who could benefit from the food and wine festival.

Inviting Businesses

Posting a tweet about wanting to join the festival allowed many people to decided if they wanted to join in or not but also to ask others who could take the spot if they couldn’t attend. This level of broadcasting helped to collect stallholder’s quiet quickly to fill the space in the Leconfield Hall, situated in the heart of Petworth.

Promoting the Event.

The hash tag #Petworthfoodandwine is being used too help promote the event to all who follow Petworth Biz on twitter, beyond this account plenty of businesses in Petworth including myself have been promoting the event to encourage as many people to come into our town and enjoy the weekend.

The Petworth Food and Wine festival is on over the weekend of 21st-22nd Sept.

Look out for plenty of social media promotion from the organisers, businesses in Petworth and also the stallholders. 

Combination of Petworthhour and my training given to many of the Petworth businesses, using social media is certainly proving well in order to promote this event.

If we can get as many businesses as possible over the weekend to tweet about how the Petworth Food and Wine Festival is going, we can have a great outreach to many Twitter accounts seeking the event out.

Training Help.

If you are someone who needs help/advise before this event on how best to promote your stall to everyone and also over the weekend, please contact me and we can have a short training session which will allow you to capture everything in an instant. Twitter for your business.

Smart Phones.

The best way to promote yourself over the weekend is using a smartphone or tablet, its quick and easy and will save you plenty of time. If this is something you need training on please contact me and we can run through how you can achieve this. Handheld Devices Training.

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See more on Facebook Petworth Business Association. 

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